Review: Aspen in Moonlight by Kelly Wacker

Lions, bears, and bees isn’t all Melissa finds when she heads back home to Colorado.

Cover Design: Melody Pond


When art historian Melissa Warren inherits three of her grandmother’s paintings that have captivated her since childhood, she sets out to discover more about the little known artist and the locations of the mysterious landscapes. Her search takes her to the Colorado Bear Conservancy and the artist’s great-granddaughter, Sula Johansen.

Sula is reluctant to help Melissa, but their instant chemistry is impossible to ignore. Sula is torn between falling in love and hiding the truth about who and what she really is. Of course, if Melissa paid closer attention to minor details—like the fact that Sula enjoys nibbling berries off the vine, is unusually strong, and consumes way too much honey—Melissa might not be in for the shock of her life.4

My thoughts

Melody Pond has created a fantasy cover for Aspen in Moonlight. It is magical and makes me want to step into the artwork. 

Aspen in Moonlight is an explicitly detailed paranormal romance. Kelly Wacker gives you history from everything from the type of cameras used to take the photos that the characters are looking at to the different types of paints used on a canvas. I could probably look at the same maps that Sula and Melissa had and tell you their hiking route (smile).

Beyond the details is a romance that might have been fated to be as the characters walk a similar path as an ancestor has before. There are some secrets, but the story has to have some twist to cause despair (laugh). 

I loved the information of bears and conservancy throughout history and in the present. I also now know to plant clover in with my grass to promote growth and they are connected to bees. Long story…you have to read Aspen to get further details (laugh).

The only area that there really isn’t any detail are the love scenes. I would have labeled this story PG-13 if not for one line which might come across as Rated R so I went with the higher rating. Sula and Melissa have plenty of chemistry and Wacker focuses on their repartee versus the physical intimacy.

If you want to take a trip to the beautiful wilderness of Colorado, Aspen in Moonlight is for you. Wacker makes you feel as you are hiking in the woods, riding a horse, or even fly-fishing. Snuggle down this winter with this warm and fuzzy romance. 

I got this book from my library. I love my local library and you should check out yours too. Request LGBTQ+ books and they will stock them! #ebooksforall

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, 9781635554717, 12 November 2019
Editor: Shelley Thrasher
Series: N/A; Settings: Buck Springs, GA and Aspen, CO, U.S.
Pages: 314


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