Review: Cruise Ship Christmas by M.F. Lorson

Emily Hart can’t go home for Christmas…


Not when her ex is the guest of honor. Her mother may think that a little extra time together will reunite the couple, but Emily has other ideas. Warm, sunny, Caribbean cruise ideas!

Her plan is to sip on daiquiris and catch up on her to be read pile, but things change when she bumps into the ship’s extra gorgeous, extra flirty, social coordinator.

Before Emily knows it she’s being whisked away to staff only activities and a night on the beach that leaves her ex a distant memory.

Cruise Ship Christmas is a lighthearted romantic comedy for fans of Hallmark Christmas movies and all things cozy.13

M.F. Lorson is correct to list Cruise Ship Christmas as a light-hearted comedy. A week on a cruise with a hot social coordinator who only wants to coordinate his schedule to your’s? Yummy. Emily also makes a best friend who has her laughing and trying new things like building gingerbread houses. 

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This is a quick holiday read. Lorson is sparse on environmental details, but crisp and clear on the scenery right in front of the characters. I could tell you more about Kathy and Emily’s room on the ship, and the back of the lounge where they played trivia than describe Emily.

The romance is clean and sweet. There is no rush to jump into anything for Emily and Baker. Lorson lets the romance bloom naturally with a happily-for-right-now ending and a hope for the future.

Cruise Ship Christmas is just like a cruise during the holidays: full of events and laughter if you want it. Cruise is the lightness in a holiday dessert.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: 10 November 2020
Settings: Florida, U.S. and a cruise ship
Pages: 50; Sex: N/A


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