Review: The Whispering Grass by Alyce Caswell

 He decided to kill her before he met her…oops.

Cover Design: Hampton Lamoureux


Sanyul Bello is an assassin with an impeccable record — until he goes up against the goddess of savannah, who he has always blamed for his family’s misfortune. When he fails to kill her, he expects a quick death. But Isabis, who is tired of the mortals she cares for not understanding her and what she does for them, decides to give him a taste of what it’s like to be a god instead. And she can guarantee he won’t like it.

Sanyul doesn’t expect to feel sympathy for Isabis and he definitely doesn’t expect to feel something stronger in her presence. But can they both put aside their old pain and anger long enough to let the tenuous connection between them grow into something else?4

A sniper who hits his mark, but doesn’t. (laugh) Sanyul was a little flabbergasted to say the least. It was awesome. 

I know someone who is asexual and life without a companion is not easy. People don’t understand – never mind why would they bring it up because then people say they are not “normal”. It is so nice to see a romance where the couple talk about children and no one has to sacrifice anything. Thank you Alyce Caswell.

I do not know why this series is not on everyone’s lips because this is my third book in the novellas part of “The Galactic Pantheon” series and I love them. I’ll go into more in my series review, but seriously y’all need to read these books. 

Isabis originally pursues Sanyul to find out how to block or turn down the “noise” in her head. Caswell then takes us through the beginning of their friendship and the intellectual chemistry is heated. (The most dangerous to the heart relationships if you ask me (laugh).) I love the interaction between them and the mutual respect which grows out of it. 

I was also intrigued by the solutions that Sanyul came up with. I wish all authors wrote an “Author’s Note” because I want a conversation about this too. What Sanyul suggests has been done throughout history and I remember a movie very clearly about it (Wag The Dog, Dir. B. Levinson, 1997).

I love everything about The Whispering Grass. The diversity. The premise. The solutions. Y’all need to read it. Enough said.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Books in “The Galactic Pantheon” series: 

#1 The Tortured Wind (M/F)

#2 The Twisted Vine (M/F)

#2.2 The Flickering Flame (F/F)

#2.4 The Shifting Ice (M/M)

#2.6 The Whispering Grass (ace) 

#2.8 The Creeping Moss (F/FTM) 

Further Details:
Publisher: 9780648162681, 20 March 2019
Series: The Galactic Pantheon #2.6; Settings: Sundafar
Pages: 70; Sex: N/A 

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