Review: The Rainbow Race by Cate Summers

A secret summer camp for LGBTQ+ is the place to go.

Cover Design: Chloe Hatler


When seventeen-year-old Eleanor Willis arrives at Camp Sunshine, a camp secretly for LGBTQ+ girls, her mom’s beat-up old car can barely make it up the hill. She decides to walk the rest of the way and admires a black Rolls Royce, before noticing the pretty girl with the blue eyes in the back seat. She wonders if this could be the start of a summer romance until the girl scowls at her and promptly rolls up the window.

It’s just Eleanor’s luck that she’s fallen for Yvette Fleur, a half-French, rich, anti-social girl who wants one thing only: to leave camp as soon as possible. With Yvette’s dad constantly traveling for work and her mom passing away when she was little, she’s learned not to get attached to anyone. Eleanor wants to show her otherwise.

But Eleanor has her hands full as leader of Team Indigo in the lake crossing competition and must organize her team to build the fastest floating vessel for the big race. Unfortunately, she’s stuck with two competitive over-achievers, an aspiring fashion designer who is more focused on their uniforms than the watercraft, and Yvette, who disappears every chance she gets.

To win the race and to win Yvette’s heart, Eleanor must bring the girls together to work as a team. Maybe then Yvette will learn that not everyone leaves, if she’ll only let them into her heart.13

How come my summer camp was never this exciting? Plus a camp for LGBTQ+ is so cool, though with teenagers that is like a drama waiting to happen if you do not have a community back home. I can imagine, “OMG it’s another lesbian!!! Where’s my suitcase?” (laugh)

Now where Cate Summers came up with “Yvette Fleur” I would like to know. Just the name sounds exotic and sexy. Heck I want to date her just based on the name. Then Summers has her come with all this bad attitude… lesbian catnip.

Needless to say it is summer camp and where you get a bunch of people together you are bound to have drama. Summers has a captive audience when Yvette Fleur gets on the scene – not just in us but in Eleanor. This is a familiar trope for young adult fans as Yvette is the “rich outcast” and Eleanor is the quiet poor geek. Familiar or not, it works in The Rainbow Race.

Summers has a full cast of characters who are trying to fit in or just get along. Eleanor is the peacekeeper and it is kind of funny at times the antics these ladies get into. I have to admit though that Yvette is my fave. She is snarky and attempts to be deep and dark. Huge soft spot.

The Rainbow Race is just the first book in the “Camp Sunshine” series. I was not expecting such a mature story based on the cover of the book. Summers deals with abandonment, poverty, homophobia, and more in Race.

Summer camp just got a little bit more interesting with this fun LGBTQ+ addition.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: 9798689681023, 20 September 2020
Series: Camp Sunshine #1; Settings: Camp Sunshine, Oregon, U.S.
Pages: 124; Sex: N/A


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