Review: Advanced Demonology by L.C. Mawson

It can’t be that hard to outsmart a powerful demon who can see the future, right?


So, it was clear that my best friend, Skye, was going to confess her feelings for my brother, and then he went and told her that he was following me to Ember Academy for Magical Beings, instead of going to human university with her until she came into her magic.

He seems to think that I still need him, and nothing I say will convince him otherwise.

But maybe the word of our mother, who can see the future, will be enough.

Except she refuses to tell us anything about the future, which leaves me with just one option: use my time at Ember to find a way to break into her study, read her journals, and prove that my brother and Skye are destined to be together.

It can’t be that hard to outsmart a powerful demon who can see the future, right?13

L.C. Mawson kicks off the “Ember Academy for Magical Beings” with an Advanced Demonology prequel. Demonology introduces us to Elizabeth and Naveen, siblings who are bound at the hip (not literally). Elizabeth is autistic and Naveen is very protective of her. 

Elizabeth wants to try and grow on her own, especially since Naveen’s best friend, and wanna be girlfriend, is going to a human school. Elizabeth wants to give Naveen an opportunity to fall in love and be with his girlfriend. One problem is that Elizabeth has never done anything on her own. The other is that she is not sure that Naveen and Skye belong together.

So you know what this means right? Elizabeth is off to get herself in trouble. Luckily she does not have to go far as the seerer she needs to snoop from is in her own house (laugh). Elizabeth then goes through the growth process of learning whether knowing the future is a good thing or not.

I really like Elizabeth and I hope that the series features her. She is spunky and has courage. She also has heart as you can tell by everything she tries to do for her brother. I am a huge fan of Mawson’s so I already know the series is going to be good. Join me on what is bound to be an adventure with the “Ember Academy for Magical Beings” series.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Books in the “Ember Academy for Magical Beings” series:

#1 Advanced Dragon Studies

#2 Basics Of Magical Bonds

#3 Advanced Mermaid Politics 31 Jan 2021

Further Details:
Publisher: 14 October 2020
Series: Ember Academy for Magical Beings #0; Snowverse; Settings: Ember Academy
Sex: N/A



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