Review: His Holiday Crush by Cari Z

Max had to crash his car to meet the love of his life.

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Workaholic attorney Max Robertson is one meeting away from making partner at a big NYC firm when his best friend calls and guilts him into coming back home for Christmas. But there’s a reason he hasn’t been back to Edgewood for a decade—too many bad memories. The plan was to go for just one night, until a wild deer and a snow bank wrecked everything.

Former Army Sergeant Dominic “Nicky” Bell is the new guy on the Edgewood police force, so of course he drew the short straw and is stuck working the night shift. But his evening gets turned upside-down when he gets called out to a wreck in the snow—and it’s his one and only high school crush, looking even sexier than he did back then.

When they both end up stranded together at Dominic’s house, sparks start to fly and Max isn’t sure what to do. But everyone deserves a present this holiday season, right?13

The last line of the synopsis is not quite how it happens…laugh. It is actually better in the book. Cari Z writes one heck of a love story. I think what I appreciate about His Holiday Crush the most is the honesty. Sometimes real-life sucks and Cari Z balances that with an unexpected romance for both men. 

Max has his own reasons for not wanting to go back home and they are legit. BUT and it is a big “but” here, sometimes we allow the ugliness of the past to let us forget some of the good things and Max gets to experience a re-awakening of sorts. 

Dominic…ahhh Dom…I just crush on him. I am veteran with PTSD too and man I connect with Dominic. It is not easy living with war especially when you end up with part of it inside you. The adaptations you have to make to live your new life. Z displays this with incredible depth and sensitivity.

His Holiday Crush is also about family. The family you make when everything else hits the skids. Now I will confess that Steph is my favorite. I automatically want to hug both kids close, but especially Steph. I love the dynamic of everyone forging together to make the family work. 

It’s Christmas time so there is romance too. What seals the deal for me and this book is when Max brings up his attraction to Dominic to Hal right away before something happens. Bro-code. I have so much respect for Max and Z for writing this type of communication. No subterfuge happens, just honest communication and respect.

Now I am bringing up the important stuff: whew Z knows how to romance a guy especially in the bedroom. (laugh) Max and Dom’s first night together is some epic romancing. I loved it and so did they (hehehehehe). 

His Holiday Crush has a little bit of everything and a happy ending. Put this romance on your reading list.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, 9781649371171, 14 December 2020
Editor: Amy Acosta
Series: N/A; Settings: Edgewood and NYC, NY, U.S.
Pages: 200; Sex: Rated R


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