Review: A Christmas to Die For by Jessica Frances

Toby thought surviving the Christmas Party was bad enough…and then something happened on the way home which was worse. Who knew going to a company Christmas party would end up this way.

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Drink way too much tequila at the office Christmas party? Check.

Get fired after doing something stupid at said Christmas party? Check.

Hallucinate flying reindeer in the sky? Check.

Watch those flying reindeer turn into naked people …? Check?

Discover magical elves are trying to kill you? Um … Wait! I don’t want to check that one!

Either I’m having the most epic blackout or my hangover has thrown me into the craziest world that has ever existed. I just found out that Santa is not only real, but he and his people can shapeshift into reindeer. I also just discovered that elves are real, which would be cool, except they’re evil and want to kill me! If that wasn’t bad enough, the elves and reindeer are at war with each other. So, not exactly like the cheery, heartwarming stories we’ve been told.

If a war between elves and reindeer isn’t shocking enough, it hardly holds a candle to finding out that I’m supposed to be the one person who can save an entire planet. Yeah, talk about being totally unqualified for the job. At least that overshadows the fact that I might now have a Santa kink when the young, hot, white-haired warrior is sent to protect me. But can I really help save Santa and his people? Can I stop the elves? Or is everyone doomed to suffer the deadliest Christmas ever?

To find out if this will be a Christmas to die for, buckle up in your sleigh, pour yourself an eggnog, and sing a Christmas tune, because this tale is about to get jolly and insane.

Content Warning: Coarse language, violence, death, scenes of war (between reindeer and elves), and sexual situations between two men.

“This is my little horror town, and I don’t want to give it up.”

Toby thinking, Loc. 122

I got my eggnog. Put on Christmas music, BUT I forgot to buckle my seatbelt and Jessica Frances took me for one heck of a ride. Holy sugar. There was naked reindeer, battle scenes, flying reindeer, naked reindeer…wait did I say that twice?! Oh yeah, because “Hello! Naked reindeer!” Who knew I would see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer naked and all I wanted to say was, “How you doin’?” in my best Joey Tribani voice.

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A Christmas To Die For is an intriguing tale by Jessica Frances. Toby’s holiday season kicks off with a night of doom for him and he does this all on his own (kind of) before starting his drunk walk home in the wee hours of the morning. Then Frances decides that Toby has not had enough bad “luck” and freaks him out by flying reindeer, naked reindeer, and an elf or two shoots flaming arrows at him!

Frances put me in my own conundrum between laughing and saying “Duck!” Poor Toby has one hell of night and it does not get better. Unless of course you count meeting Ru. I like how Frances does not make this an instant attraction or love, but a slow-burning one. I am not one to usually say this because y’all know I like the heat (laugh). I really enjoyed the process of them making their way to each other. I think because Frances has so many battle scenes and survival drama going on that I was hooked on the war and not the romance.

“I am a warrior, a soldier, a Santa. I fight, I kill, and I protect. I do not soothe. I do not cuddle.”

Ru talking to Toby,loc. 961.

Frances includes a huge moral dilemma for Toby which goes against the reason he is needed. This quandary creates a different type of situation and makes you think. Frances created a complex character that at first comes across as straight geek (no pun intended). Then they turn Toby into this deep thinking and dedicated character. I love it.

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Now I will warn you that in battle reindeer die and so do many elves, so just turn that Elf on a Shelf so they face the wall and keep on reading. 

Toby and Ru also melt some snow when they finally do get to the good stuff. At this point Toby and Ru are just too cute. I love the New York scenes…I’m not telling you have to read the book!

A Christmas To Die For has romance, nachos, carrots, battles, and planetary wars. Stock up on your carrots because you are going to want these reindeer on your side. Check out A Christmas To Die For and let Toby and Ru be your heroes for the holidays.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: 9781607360427, 4 December 2020
Editor: C&D Editing
Series: N/A; Settings: Tinselballs, NC, NYC, NY, and planet Christmas
Pages: 281; Sex: Rated R


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