Series Review: Eva Rae Thomas Mysteries 1 thru 3 by Willow Rose

Mystery, love, and action this series has it all.

Don’t Lie To Me

When twelve-year-old Sophie Williams went on a Girl Scout summer camp, she never returned home.

Three months later, her body is found inside her sleeping bag in the most frequented area of Cocoa Beach, and the town is outraged.

The girl isn’t just any child. She’s the town’s most beloved surf idol, and it was believed that she could be the next Kelly Slater.

As another child, the son of a well-known senator is kidnapped, and the parents receive a disturbing video, FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas — who has just returned to her hometown, divorced and out of a job — plunges into the investigation, breaking her promise to her children not to do police work again.

Local law enforcement, with her old flame Matt Miller in charge, are the ones who ask for her help in a case so unsettling that only she can solve it. But the deeper they dig, the deadlier it becomes for Matt and Eva Rae. Soon, everyone she holds dear is in grave danger as this case hits a little too close to home.

What You Did

Former FBI-profiler, Eva Rae Thomas, faces the most personal case in her career, as bestselling author Willow Rose’s new hit series continues.

Three girls disappear on prom night at the local high school. One of them is the prom queen.

Eva Rae Thomas is chasing her long-lost sister when detective—and boyfriend—Matt Miller asks her to join the investigation of the three girls’ disappearance. They were last seen walking home together after the dance.

When the body of a young girl shows up in her backyard, Eva Rae knows she can no longer watch from the sidelines, and soon she realizes not only is she involved in this investigation, she’s also this killer’s target.

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Never Ever

Ex-agent Eva Rae Thomas is on the run. The past month she has done things she never knew she was capable of while hunting for her kidnapped daughter.

Eva Rae has risked everything,

-her career,

-her newfound love,

-her freedom.

She’s looking for the man they call the Iron Fist. The trail has led her to Miami.

Meanwhile, Miami is under attack. Hundreds of passengers in the Metrorail are exposed to a deathly nerve gas on a peaceful Monday morning. When Eva Rae Thomas sees her daughter on the surveillance footage from the attack, she knows it is no coincidence. But by the time she uncovers the chilling truth of how it is all connected, it might be too late.4

I have said this before in my “Eva Rae Thomas” reviews: Eva Rae should not go running or open the door – EVER! (laugh)

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I love this series. Eva Rae is a single-parent with a child neglecting ex-husband. In his defense, when Eva Rae was a profiler in the FBI he stayed home with the kids. Now that Eva Rae has retired and settled down to write books and raise her kids, he is off with his new girl. 

During these three books, Eva Rae’s emotionally distant vegan mother moves in with her. Eva Rae gets back together with her high-school boyfriend who is now on the local police force. During the time frame in this part of the series, Sydney, Eva Rae’s kidnapped sister, is “found” and is getting to know Eva Rae. I know right?! Complicated.

I have not even gotten started on who kidnapped Sydney. How Eva Rae’s relationship with her step-father has changed…oh and the kidnapping of her own daughter. Let’s not also forget that the people around her have suffered because of people who know Eva Rae. Crazy.

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Complicated. Crazy. Thrilling. Rollercoast of emotions is what the Eva Rae Thomas mysteries are and I have not even touched on the great mysteries in each book. I did mention the running and opening of doors right? Holy sugar, Eva Rae cannot leave the house. Smh

Rose writes mysteries that you become addicted to. This is probably because these three stories were triggered by real-life events that Rose was intrigued by.

Don’t Lie to Me was birthed by Rose watching a friend go through a horrible divorce. Rose watched as the husband talked bad about the wife to the kids. Fear is predominant in the relationship. Rose started researching and many couples go through this…hence Don’t Lie To Me was born.

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What You Did came about by an event that happened in 1956. Peter Weinberger’s baby had been kidnapped and was found just like the one in this one is found. If you want a spoiler go here.

There was a case in Florida recently about a fake health inspector and Never Ever is born. If you want to learn more read TC Palm’s story or the Boston Herald story. Rose was also inspired by a story in Rolling Stone magazine about cults run by billionaires. The gas attack in the beginning of Never Ever might sound familiar because there were attacks in Japan in 1995. Read about them here.

Maybe this is why Rose’s mysteries are so damn good – they have kind of happened. Rose of course goes off the rails with the fictionalized account, but this is a mystery fiction series and Rose’s off-the-rails is really good. I am addicted to Eva Rae Thomas and even though she still goes out running and opens her front door and I yell “Nooooooo!”. I’m glued to the page and frantically hoping that the bad guy is right outside the door…sometimes he is. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Books in the “Eva Rae Thomas Mystery” Series:

30 April 2021

Further Details:
Publisher: Buoy Media, 20 September 2019
Cover Design: Juan Villar Pedron
Editor: Janella Parque; Narrator: Host Ghost Productions
Series: Eva Rae Thomas #1-3; Settings: Florida, U.S.
Pages: 806; Sex: PG-13


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