Review: From My Balcony To Yours by Nino Gugunishvili

Canceled Plans? –Check! Panic and Fear? – Check! Self- Isolation? – Check! Missing Friends? – Check! Gaining Weight? – Check! Binge-Watching TV? – Check! Lengthy Self- diggings? – Check! Hope? – Check, check, check!


Who would have thought that Global Pandemic, Self-Isolation, Cluster, and a Lockdown were to become the trendiest words in 2020? Who would have imagined the world would freeze and people would stay home shattered with fear, panic, uncertainty towards their future?

How do we adjust to this changing reality, when none of our questions have answers when plans turn upside down, things get totally out of control?

In her new book: “From My Balcony to Yours,” author Nino Gugunishvili shares her personal account during the first several months of the COVID -19 global pandemic in the form of short stories and observations.


Dance, Dance, Dance!

I didn’t want to get out of bed today. I couldn’t find the reason why I had to, why I couldn’t snuggle in bed for the whole day. What did I have to do that needed jumping out and throwing myself into a routine?  I could bring my laptop to my bedroom and connect with the outer world from there. Who’d care? Then I could go to sleep, wake up and sleep some more. Luckily, the more optimistic part of me decided that there are better rejuvenating ways, and I got out of my bedroom for coffee, news, and the social media frenzy. It seemed the world stood in the exact same place as yesterday. The virus outbreak, self-isolation, quarantine, social distancing, and clusters are the words we hear and use most often.

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My immediate ‘cluster’ of friends is okay. Each handling the self-imposed stay at home time differently, ranging from mild panic to existential crises blended with self-irony and humor of all imaginable shades (read dark).  All the usual remedies of taking our minds off from the downpour of negative news, like reading or watching TV shows and movies, didn’t seem to work this time, at least for me. I need something more substantial, mind-blowing, tiring, and freeing. Something that would make me forget my weight, my double-chin, and my thinning hair. I need to see a happier face in the mirror today. Try dancing! I tell myself, but the lazy part of me starts laughing hysterically.

Nino Gugunishvili’s writing biography includes a collection of short stories “You Will Have a Black Labrador” and a women’s fiction novel “ Friday Evening, Eight O’Clock.”8

I have to admit that it is kind of weird to read a book about something we are currently living. From My Balcony To Yours will sound very familiar to a lot of people. The boredom. The repetition. The silliness. The Fear. Yeah, I capitalized “fear” because it is now a huge part of our daily lives…but just like war there is a lot of nothing. (Insert any Jerry Seinfeld episode here…days about nothing).

Many of Nino Gugunishvili’s entries are about nothing (laugh). I didn’t live in an apartment for most of this pandemic, so some experiences are completely unknown to me. Now that I have just moved when Gugunishvili talks about knowing everything about her neighbors…yup I want everyone living in an apartment complex to read this chapter alone (Chap. 10 Fool’s Day). (sigh)

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“I know what my neighbors from upstairs are doing during different parts of the day. They’re listening to music and watching TV 24/7…They are incredibly tolerant of my loud-speaking on the phone….”

Loc. 243

Ummm…I hope my neighbors don’t think I’m tolerant of their quirks (laugh). I bought headphones for just this purpose: to listen to my music and tv…and block out their extremely loud noise. (laugh)

Who knew I would be writing a review about our humdrum everyday lives. It is interesting to view someone’s else’s balcony and how they view this world we are living in. From My Balcony To Yours offers just that…stories from isolation.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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From the Desk of Nino Gugunishvili:

What is one of your hobbies, and how has it enriched your writing?

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  If there’s one hobby that has ever enriched my writing, I would say it’s travel. It never really mattered to where, whether near or far, it was the anticipation of adventure, the thrill of going to somewhere I’ve never been before that excited me. Even if I was revisiting places, it has always inspired me. I’m thinking of it very often nowadays since the world is wrapped in Covid pandemic, with countries in full or partial lockdown, and I wonder when we will have a chance of traveling again, choosing where to go, booking tickets, and pinning the destinations on our maps, searching for where to stay. Is there anything better than tasting new food, sipping a cocktail, or drinking a coffee on a square somewhere in Brussels or in the crowded streets of Rome, hearing that beautiful Italian language? 

Is there anything more pleasant than the fatigue of exploring the new city and returning to the hotel late by night with your feet burning, only to know you’ll be doing precisely the same the next day? I doubt. What I know for sure, however, is that travel, even the shortest one, sparks creativity when you least expect it, and the more we travel, the more rich and layered our writing becomes. So, I really hope that the coming new year will bring us more possibilities to discover the places we’ve dreamed of going to. I’m already making a list!

Check out Nino’s bio here.

Further Details:
Publisher: 979-8696966922, 14 October 2020
Settings: Pandemic Isolation, Georgia, U.S.
Pages: 94

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