Review: Hematoma by Matteo Polk

A dangerous and erotic S&M vampire thriller. 

Cover Design: Jennifer Do Cover


Shay Kinsey’s body reads pain as pleasure. He indulges his masochism through body modification, but this practice often brings him more shame than relief—that is, until his desires put him under the needle of the mysterious and alluring tattoo artist Ricky. 

When Ricky reveals his vampiric nature, Shay is offered a chance to give in to his impulses in an S&M relationship that promises deep intimacy, and even deeper pain. But with Ricky’s affection comes the attention of the city’s secret vampire organization, seemingly hell-bent on separating the two. As Shay falls into the dual dark worlds of lust and vampires, he is increasingly unable to figure out who to trust. Should Shay trust the enigmatic, ancient, and handsome Ricky—the first man to indulge his erotic fantasies? Or should he trust the cryptic vampire society trying to infiltrate his life? As Shay searches for the answers, Ricky begins to leave his mark on Shay in far more than ink.13

I have not read such a well written book about masochism and sadism until Hematoma by Matteo Polk. This is a very complicated topic to talk about and Polk does a fantastic job of explaining someone’s feelings behind this desire. This is not a recommendation for these acts, but a story that explains Ricky’s wants and feelings. A fine line here (smile).

Then Polk puts a spin on the already complicated tale of acceptance, self-esteem, and desire by adding a paranormal slant and dark edge. I had no clue the story was going in this direction and I was shocked and absorbed. Polk had me by the throat and did not let go. Holy sugar.

I can see this turning into a series because his supporting cast of characters have a story to tell too. They are intriguing, dark, and sometimes funny. 

Kudos to Polk for adding the disclaimer and trigger warning at the beginning of the book. Hematoma takes you into a dark romance and makes you feel it long after you put it down.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Cleis Press, 9781627785235, 25 August 2020
Cover Design: Jennifer Do Cover (Photo: Matteo Polk)
Series: N/A; Settings: Philadelphia, PA, U.S.
Pages: 240; Sex: Rated R

Promotion materials provided by Cleis Press.

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