Review: From Highlights to Lowlifes by Alyson Chattoe and Jilly Clarkby

What had seemed the answer to Tilly’s problems had now turned into her worst nightmare.

Cover Design: Charlie O’Neill


A happily married mother-of-three, Tilly was not the stereotypical criminal – in fact, she’d barely warrant a second glance if passed in the street.

“No one will stop you, Tilly. You’re Mrs. Average. Why would any­one suspect you?”

She’d only wanted to protect her family. If your whole life was under threat, would you make the same decision?

Based on actual events and real-life diary entries, Tilly’s story shows how quickly life can turn…12

Tilly’s story is detailed and at times uncomfortable. Alyson Chattoe and Jilly Clarkby tell a common tale which is unfortunately non-fiction in From Highlights to Lowlifes. The choices we make and others can have an everlasting impact.

I read this biography from a position of a white lower-income female. This is important because I will review Highlights with this bias. I found many sections extremely sad and this involved Tilly’s children and their new reality. I find the whole incarceration process and system to be invasive, but there were still points where I figuratively held that quarter tight between my knees.

Life is all about choices, but it depends on which side of the road you are on in whether you think you have options. Chattoe and Clarkby tell the story as it happened. The writing is clean and simple, but the emotions the words evoke are anything but.

Thank you to Alyson Chattoe and Jilly Clarkby for sharing this story. May it illuminate the options for someone else.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: TWH Publishing, 978-0993476792, 30 October 2017
Pages: 162


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