Review: Twelve Days of Kisses from the New Romance Café

Sparkling romance with a sprinkling of holiday magic and a touch of sass and spice.

Twelve Days of Kisses ~ A Contemporary Romance Collection


Cover Design: The Cover Fling

Breast cancer affects one in four women. Here’s your chance to read a swoon-worthy book and help other women at the same time.

Curl up in your comfy chair in front of the fire and know that every book purchased, and every page read raises money for breast cancer research.

This winter romance collection has it all:

  • Small towns
  • Multicultural couples
  • Hawaiian escapes
  • Hot surfers
  • Firefighters – ooh!
  • Delectable bakers and cakes
  • And a touch of noir

Grab Twelve Days of Kisses for romance with all the feels.13

I knew it! (laugh) Ted, Ted, Ted…enough said.

Cake Decorating for Beginners sucked me in! Danielle Bellwood takes us to Texas and a wedding cake contest. Let me just say, who the heck would hold a wedding contest on Christmas Eve…? Scrooge. No worries as Bellwood provides the romance to an unsuspecting Rachel who desperately needs a break. The humor in this story just tickled me. Rachel and her one-liners are too much.

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Zoey Fox takes on the task of what happens after your loved one dies in Her Christmas Angel. This is not a maudlin story. Angel deals with guilt in different areas and how facing everyone’s actions can be liberating. This second chance romance is at times very touching and adorable – especially Caleb. Fox provides a feel-good read.

I am not a big fan of subterfuge in romantic relationships, but Changed In Time For Christmas is a romance about change. Liz Martinson gives Emily and Jake an opportunity to to change their way of thinking for the better of mankind and themselves. Changed is more than about romance, but how we need to be award of the environment and community. I can totally get behind that.

Twelve Days of Kisses authors include: Sofia Aves, Danielle Bellwood, Aubrey Brandon, Leila Coltyn, Zoey Fox, Ėlodie Garroway, Liz Martinson, Molli McBeal, L.S. Ram, and Sydney Woods.

***ALL proceeds go to fund research in the fight against breast cancer. ***

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Romance Cafe Books, 10 November 2020
Editor: Magnolia Author Services; Formatting: James Mercer
Series: Romance Cafe Collection #8, Delsey Dozen; Settings: Texas, Montana
Pages: 469

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