ARC Review: All I Want for Christmas by Georgia Beers, Maggie Cummings, and Fiona Riley

All I Want for Christmas Romance Novellas from Bold Strokes Books

Cover Design: Tammy Seidick


In Triple Dog Dare by Georgia Beers, Sasha Wolfe has been talking up her new girlfriend to her overbearing mother for months, and when her skeptical sister dares her to invite this new squeeze over for family Christmas, Sasha accepts the challenge. After all, how hard can it be to bring your nonexistent girlfriend home for the holidays?13

Georgia Beers knows how to make me chuckle and there are plenty of them in Triple Dog Dare. I think the opening scene is hilarious and who has not been there?! Total popcorn moment. Beers provides plenty of popcorn moments. Dare is a sweet slow burn romance that happens around family so it is a tame one (laugh). Beers does know how to do more with a grazing of the hand or a touch on the thigh than most women I know. I won’t dare you to read this romance, I don’t need to because who doesn’t love puppies, family, and rollerskating? I had you until the roller skating didn’t I? (laugh) Read it!

In Hustle & Bustle by Maggie Cummings, Hannah Monroe is ready to dazzle customers with her pop-up shop at NYC’s winter holiday market. NYPD beat cop Toby Beckett, who just wants to protect and serve, barely notices the spirit of the season until events keep pushing her into Hannah’s path.13

New York City at Christmas is a perfect time to fall in love and that was something I thought before I read Maggie Cummings’ Hustle & Bustle. Cummings has a multicultural and diverse cast to celebrate the holiday with. Two people who do not want to have a holiday romance, but cannot seem to stay away from each other. Cummings deals head on with preconceived notions and prejudices regarding police work in a non-preaching way while also sharing the difficulties of living as a non-white in America. Mind you this is very much a romance. I love it. The heat of first lust combined with the Christmas holiday makes Hustle & Bustle a story you will be re-reading every year.

In A Christmas Miracle by Fiona Riley, Mira Donahue’s bar, Mirage, is the hottest Christmas party venue in Boston, despite Mira’s secret: she hates Christmas. When self-described Queen of Carols Courtney Rivers books Mirage for her company’s holiday party, she clashes with Mira over the plans. Then a freak storm strands them in the bar, and more than miracles abound.13

My favorite scene in the whole book is in this story and it involves mistletoe. A girl walks into a bar and wham chemistry flairs. Mira and Courtney are great together. Courtney brings out the best in Mira. Their connection and conversation is fabulous. Courtney’s sense of adventure and fun is the perfect way to end this anthology. Riley gives us a good old-fashioned holiday romance to celebrate Christmas with.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, 9781635557657, 15 December 2020
eBook Design: Toni Whitaker
Editor: Ruth Sternglantz; Production Design: Stacia Seaman
Settings: Bakerton and Northwood in the U.S. somewhere, NYC and Hudson, NY; and Boston, MA, U.S.
Pages: 264; Sex: Rated R
SC: Trans, Gay, Asian, Indian


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