Review: #CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews

Jade said Sam just needed a hookup. Then they stalked a girl. Then they tricked her…or tried to…whose idea was it to listen to Jade?

Cover Design: Kayla Mancuso

Samantha Cassidy, award-winning actress, up-and-coming Hollywood “It Girl”, is missing three things in her life: an Oscar, a special someone to share her life with, and a baby goat in pajamas.

Alex Novato married her college sweetheart, but tragedy struck and the love of her life was ripped from her arms. Now she refuses to open her heart again, choosing casual sex over deeper commitments, until a not-so-chance meeting with her favorite Hollywood starlet turns her world upside down.

Will Alex give love another try? Will Sam find the courage to follow her heart, Hollywood be damned? Will anyone get a baby goat in pajamas?

#CassiNova is a sweet, funny, fun romp through the Hollywood Hills.

#CassiNova is funny. You will have to hold your belly because it will be cramping from laughing so hard. Lori G. Matthews (no relation) has produced a rom-com for the season. Heck I want to move to the Hollywood Hills and get me a baby goat.

I do not even know who I love best in this book. Alex’s relationship with her sister is hilarious. Are there even words better than “hilarious” for Jade? Does Matthews even write an unfunny character? Holy sugar just remembering them makes my bellyache (laugh). I am straight up giggling now and I can’t tell you why because hello spoilers. 

I definitely want to sleep with Alex because damn the girl got skills. She is funny, suave, and can laugh at herself. I adore how she is with Sam who at times has no skills (laugh). Matthews gives both characters a chance to redeem themselves, sometimes with laughter, show us some steam.

Here’s to christening every room you have, hashtagging, Lori G. Matthews, and #CassiNova. My holiday gift came early.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Bella Books, 9781642471656, 17 November 2020
Editor: Alissa McGowan (not a relation)
Series: It needs to be!!! ; Settings: West Hollywood, CA, U.S.
Pages: 296; Sex: Rated R

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