Review: Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night: A Collection of Retellings

When it comes to romance, everyone could use a fairy godmother once in a while. Or at least a magic wand.

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This hot new collection of fairy tale retellings has it all—enchanting Regency ballrooms, demon-infested forests, billionaire-controlled boardrooms, and dark alien planets. And all our fairy tales come with a twist.

Our heroes and heroines will take you to the depths of hell and the top of the castle’s spire as they move from Once upon a time to Happily ever after.

Featuring a variety of romantic subgenres—contemporary, historical, paranormal, science fiction, reverse harem, and more—these retellings will satisfy your cravings for every style of fairy tale romance, whether you like it sweet or steamy, slow-burn or fast.4

Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night authors include: Collins, Margo Bond; Constant, Eli; Greenwood, Laura; Hearne, Ivy; Riley, C.L.; Kulig, Angela; Boruff, L.A.; Andra, Skyler; Kelsey, Leigh; McClure, S.A.; Maggie Alabaster; Lacey Carter Andersen; Lesley Ann; Sheena Austin; T.K. Barber; Tabitha Barret; Nova Blake; Bokerah Brumley; C.L. Cannon; Deb Christie; Emma Cole; Eli Constant; Mara Dane; Amber Draeger; LA Fox; Dara Fraser; Eliza Grace; Ivy Hearne; Michael W. Huard; Kelly N. Jane ; Leigh Kelsey; Angela Kulig; Debra-Ann Kummoung; C.J. Laurence; Cassie Leigh; Romy Lockhart; Dana Lyons;  Joanna Mazurkiewicz; S.A. McClure; Ashley McLeo; Becky Murray; Pepper Paris; Kate Richards; C.L. Riley; Anna K. Rose; Delilah Rose; Aria Starling; Dee Stone; Edeline Wrigh ; Cyndi Faria; Angela Sanders; Tina Glasneck; London Kingsley; May Dawson; Tanya Dawson; K. M. McKenna; Sapphire Stone; Carol Van Atta

Mercy’s End is what happens after true love and happily-ever-after. May Dawson and Lacey Carter Andersen write such an incredible character in Mercy that when the story ended I was left hungry for more. I love the background, premise, and how it ended. Mind you the ending is messed up and I cannot wait to see how Dawson and Andersen continue Mercy’s story in their new series: Guild of Assassins. Apparently though, we can read more about Mercy in Magic For Dummies (I love that title!).

Anybody who dedicates their story to the “Star-Lord” automatically gets a read! Just saying. I love a headstrong woman who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want and that is exactly who S.A. McClure has created in The Dark Masquerade. Though let me tell you the tea at this masquerade had my head whirling. Someone should have made a vat of popcorn, sat down, and ran a commentary. Holy sugar! Murder, betrayals, conspiracies, and of course secret kisses. McClure makes this dance one you want to watch.

The inside cover for Fairest: A Snow White Retelling is absolutely amazing. Margo Bond Collins and KM McKenna deliver a fairy-tale retelling like I have not read since Anne Rice wrote the Beauty series. While Snow White sleeps, the Queen and King will play and I do mean that literally. Collins and McKenna provide us with a little BDSM in this fairy-tale along with some intrigue. I loved it! 

Collins also pens Ella And The Alien Prince and brings aliens to Earth to save us. What do they want in return? Human women of course! In a love at first sight meeting, Ella and Khai have the chance to make history. They also manage to seal the mating bond in a very sexy way. Diplomacy never went this smoothly when only humans were involved.

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I have seen a lot of Robin Hood of Loxley redone this year and Laura Greenwood and L.A. Boruff have still managed to keep this fairy-tale retelling fresh in Outlaw of Ladies. The fight scene is a lot of fun. Great detail in the dress to pants switcheroo, I could visualize perfectly. I have to say that I am most intrigued by a secondary character. I have my guesses and I will have to read on to find out more in Greenwood and Boruff’s new series “Tales of Clan Robbins!” 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Bathory Gate Press, 11 August 2020
Series: Guild of Assassins 0.5, Tales of Clan Robbins 0.5
Pages: 1922
Sex: Rated R, BDSM

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