Review: Echoes of Darkness by Cheryl Campbell

Militaristic sci-fi series brings a powerful & complex LGBTQ female lead into the spotlight.


In war torn but still recognizable New England, the decades-long conflict with the Wardens — the genocidal faction of alien Echoes that started the war on Earth in 2069 — rages on.

Dani has established a family among friends unlike anything she’s ever had before. But as the bond of her newfound family strengthens, so does her fear of losing them.

The civilian and Commonwealth military alliance against the enemy remains intact, but as Warden attacks intensify and Dani’s relationship with military leadership becomes increasingly strained, memories unexpectedly surface of the start of the war and how her parents died… and thoughts turn to revenge.

Set in real-life towns, cities, and landmarks in Maine and Massachusetts which will be immediately recognizable to anyone who has lived or spent time in New England, Echoes of Darkness is a must-read for fans of Martha Wells’ “The Murderbot Diaries” and Robert D. Armstrong’s “World Apart” series.

Not to be missed by any reader who loves a believable dystopian setting, a fast-paced militaristic plot, and a protagonist with heart who’s worth rooting for.13

Echoes of Darkness is a quick-paced thrill ride. It did not even feel like I was reading a sequel. I will admit that I do want to read the first book because I missed out on some people getting beat up and now that I know them, I want to see them get beat up (laugh).

Cheryl Campbell writes a science fiction novel that even a non-geek like me can understand. The visuals are so clearly written that the book ran like a movie through my head – freaking awesome! I love the dynamic of Mary and Dani. I have to confess that I am rooting for them. (No spoilers here rainbows!)

Campbell keeps the action fast and Dani’s fists faster. We know who the bad guys are – even if they may not be who you think they are. We know what their mission is, so now let’s see where Campbell is going to take us because I am definitely along for the ride.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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Meet the Author

Cheryl Campbell

Further Details:
Publisher: Sonar Press, 9780989760867, 5 October 2020
Editor: Ray Rhamey
Series: Echoes #2
Pages: 384
Settings: Maine, U.S. in the year 2113
Sex: PG

13Bio and Synopsis are from Publisher.
Photo credit: Book cover is from Goodreads.


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