Review: Heart of Ice by T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod ~ Phoebes Randoms 500th Book Review!

What happens when the one person who makes your heart sing is also the one person who could destroy everything you’ve worked for?


Laurie “the Hatchet” Emerson is a ruthless leader in Boston finance who’s rumoured to have a block of ice where her heart should be. If only. Recently widowed, Laurie fears she’s broken beyond repair, until a once-in-a-lifetime business deal reignites her passion for work and gives her a shot at proving to the world she still has some life left in her.

Jack Kennedy is a young portfolio manager who aspires to greatness. Unfortunately, she’s so many rungs down the corporate ladder she can’t even scrape up enough money to move out of her mother’s apartment. Her luck changes when her work ethic is finally rewarded with the job opportunity of her dreams.

A blizzard forces their worlds to collide, but what was meant to be a no-strings night of passion becomes more complicated when they both arrive at the office the next morning to discover they each spent the night with the one person in the city who could crush their futures.

Together, they just might hold the keys to everything they’ve ever wanted, but the difference in their ages and positions could spell the end of their careers. 

Will the ice queen and the protégé find happiness together or lose everything?

Five hundred book reviews!!!! Woohoo!!

My book review blogging officially started with T.B. Markinson. She was the first author to add me to her ARC team. It seemed only fitting that I make sure she is a milestone author for the annals of blogging history in an official capacity. Now that I am famous, in my Mom’s mind only, I can ensure that my success spreads to Markinson and she can now capitalize on my fame and finally get the recognition she so rightly deserves. From one Massachusetts writer to another, I thank her tremendously for just giving me a book to read. Thank you.

Now on to why you are really here…yes, Markinson wrote the sex scenes – she even says so in the Author notes. (laugh) Yes, they are really good.

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T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod team up again for Heart of Ice set in one of my favorite towns: Boston, Massachusetts. The city’s energy and history plays a part in the story and I love it. For those still trapped indoors, it allows us to “get out” and go on a walkabout through a great city.

The setup for Jack and Laurie is fun and definitely delicious. I fell for Jack in that bar and never lost interest. Markinson and MacLeod created fabulous chemistry and repartee between Jack and Laurie. I kept waiting with bated breath for Jack to get one of those small smiles that Laurie gives. It warms me now just to think about it. 

Jack and Laurie are one of those couples that you can read over and over again. Markinson and MacLeod bring humor, sensuality, comfort, dysfunction, and old-style romance to Heart of Ice. This book is a must read, you have to let it warm you as Fall blows in.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Self-published, 979-8680040423, 25 August 2020
Cover Design: Victoria Cooper
Editor: Kelly Hashway
Series: N/A; Settings: Boston, MA, US
Pages: 288; Sex: Rated R


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