Review: Sindry by Crystel Greene

Sometimes doing your duty means following your heart…

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Sindry: A Rescue Gay Romance


Braedan Greyson, twenty-seven, stopped dreaming about having his own omega a long time ago. He’s been his siblings’ pack alpha since age sixteen, and keeping those in his charge safe and happy is all he wants from life. 

When he starts out at Fennys Den College as the new healer, he’s more than a little shocked to find students consider him mating material. Then, one night, a bruised and battered young alpha is brought into the college infirmary. All Braedan can do is treat the patient’s injuries and send him on his way. The rules demand that he keep his distance.

But for the first time in his life, doing the right thing doesn’t feel right. At all.

Sindry Starling has been different for as long as he can remember, and his family makes him suffer for it. When Dr. Greyson puts his strong, gentle hands on him, Sindry’s life changes forever. And so does his body. The young assistant teacher has always known there’s a touch of omega in him, but he’s never expected to go into actual heat. Let alone to end up in the college emergency department needing a mating intervention from the new doctor with the dazzling pack leader vibes.

Sindry falls for Braedan, hard. And Braedan realizes that Sindry is the perfect mate he never knew he needed. 

Their connection and chemistry defy the conventions of their highly traditional world. When Sindry’s pack find out about them, they become a threat to his very life. 

If there’s anyone who can take on the Starlings, it’s Braedan Greyson. And he’s ready to do everything in his power to keep Sindry safe.

But how can the two alphas find a way to be together? With the rules and realities stacked against them, is there a chance for a happily ever after?

Sindry is a non-shifter omegaverse gay romance featuring a pack leader who’s wired to protect, a troubled young alpha who’s all wrong for him, three college balls, a mate-or-die emergency, a pack-alpha fight, a coming out, and a fairy-tale happy ending.

My thoughts

Sindry and Braedan are two alphas to fall in love with in Crystel Greene’s latest entry in the Fenny’s Den College series: Sindry. I always get excited when I see an email from Greene regarding a new book release because I know I am getting a heartfelt romance with a lot of heat. Greene does not disappoint with Sindry.

Let me warn readers that there is a bullying storyline and violence attached to this story and a main character. The pain can be difficult to read at times, but there is a resolution to this storyline. The resolution parallels the wolf heritage and therefore makes sense to the storyline. 

Greene takes an interesting chance with the character of Sindry and I love it. Sindry is an alpha in a state of flux which I find a lot of us are in right now with the emergence of different label identities. The willingness to be open, self-identify, and accept one’s own self and then share it with the world is a topic that Greene explores intelligently and sensitively.

The task of balancing real-life issues with romance can be hard as we all know, but Greene makes it seem easy. The chemistry between Braedan and Sindry is off the charts. I can say that if I was sitting in a tree, I would just watch and listen because it is all steam. (wink)

If you have not started this series, no worries as Sindry can be read as a standalone. Jump on the Greene bandwagon and head back to college, at least with Greene you can do it safely and with some heat.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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The Fennys Den College Series is a paranormal non-shifter omegaverse gay romance series about the Greyson brothers and their struggles to find love in a world under threat.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Self-Published, 9 August 2020
Editor: Sophie Major and Ann Attwood
Series: Fenny’s Den College #3; Settings: Fenny’s Den College
Pages: 76,000 words; Sex: Rated R


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