Review: Danny Doormat by Rowan McAllister

All Danny had to do was doggysit for his crush while he had a family emergency, that’s all the “Horsemen” wanted him to do. His crush had other ideas….


Danny had been crushing on Asa for years in silence. Danny is just the younger brother of one of the “Horsemen” clique and has been on the fringes of the group since he was a kid. Everyone asks Danny for favors: help them move, watch their apartment, and now dog-sitting. Danny doesn’t mind, he just wants to live his life by his choices and be able to look in the “window” at the people who bring him joy.

Asa’s father has a medical emergency and he asks Lane, one of the “Horsemen” to dog-sit for him. He inherited the clique when his husband passed away two years ago and he does not know what he would have done without their support and friendship. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that Lane passes the favor to Danny who already works three jobs and doesn’t have a car. 

When Asa tries to repay Danny, this is where things get interesting as Asa realizes their more to Danny than just the “kid brother” status.

Rowan McAllister gives us a treat with this sweet romance about living our truth in Danny Doormat. Danny tried to live by everyone else’s yardstick and when he decided that did not work, he struck out on his own. McAllister illustrates how important communication is and how we communicate whether it be as a parent, a brother, or as a friend is important. Everyone views Danny through a set of standards that are not Danny’s and therefore his life must be a mess. This constant barragement of negativity has set Danny on a different path internally and externally. McAllister skillfully illustrates this through Danny’s relationship with his roommate.

I will warn you that there is some domestic violence in this book – the most violent happens off-page. 

McAllister also deals with how everyone grieves differently for a loved one. Once again, perception and other people’s ideas of how one should live their life according to a “standard” is illustrated. 

These two competing ideas of how one should live one’s life ends up affecting the romance in an interesting way. This is a romance after all and McAllister brings it home for Danny and Asa. There are no easy answers in Danny Doormat just steps forward. So wipe your feet, take a seat, and hang out with Horsemen and enjoy Danny and Asa because McAllister also brings some heat to this romance.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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Meet the Author

Rowan McAllister

Further Details:
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press, 9781644057889, 30 June 2020
Cover Design: Paul Richmond
Series: N/A
Pages: 236
Sex: Rated R

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