Random Sounds: Covering MainStream Artists Today ~ #NewMusic #Music #LGBTMusic #QueerMusic

For some reason I listened to a lot of mainstream EPs this week. Now this is unusual because I have a tendency to hang out on Bandcamp and check out new artists. This will be a down and dirty review (laugh).

Pentatonix released At Home and I have mixed feelings about the EP. I did not like how it begins or how it ends (laugh). I think my favorite song on the EP is “Blinding Lights”. I will confess to not being a huge fan of Pentatonix. I cannot really say why, just that their music has not really jumped out at me before. I saw the title of this EP and I was thinking that due to the quarantine they were going to do something really out of the box due to boredom and I did not get that. ★★★

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Mesa Para Dos by Kany GarcÍa I thought was going to be a sure fire winner in my book. Yet again, I was disappointed. I did thoroughly enjoy half of the duets, but I like her voice all on its own and there was something lacking. I did not really have a favorite. ★★★

This week really was a bummer for me music wise as Vanessa Carlton released a new EP Love is an Art. I was really psyched to listen to new music by Carlton. Once again, it was very lackluster in lyrics. I did enjoy the title song, “The Only Way To Love”, and “Miner’s Canary”. I love “Miner’s Canary” for the music, between the strings and the piano it is just beautiful. It was the lyrics which sealed the deal for “The Only Way To Love” and “Love is an Art”. ★★★

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