Review: After the End by Jamie Campbell

Seventeen years ago the world ended. I’ve spent my whole life inside this bunker and thought I was the only remaining survivor…Until someone knocked on my door.

After the End: The World Ended Seventeen Years Ago


Garlind barged into my life and showed me a world of possibilities outside. He promised me we would be saved from this harsh world. He offered me a future outside these steel walls. I was so excited to venture into the outside.

He said the ships in the sky will rescue us, all we have to do is get to one. It seems impossible but I trust in his unwavering belief.

I shouldn’t have. The ships are not what we were expecting.4

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I love this cover, it just does not represent Maisy as she is in this book. I don’t think Maisy has ever walked in heels (in the photo she is wearing high heel boots). The outfit definitely does not match the t-shirt and jeans that everyone is wearing in the story either. The Maisy in this photo is badass looking and our Maisy is not there yet.

Now if you read what I wrote about the cover you may get the mistaken impression that I did not like the book. WRONG! I really liked the book (laugh), it is just that the cover does not represent the story.

Jamie Campbell brings Maisy to life in a bunker where she believes that she is the lone survivor of a meteorite crash. Until of course there is an ominous and somewhat persistent knocking at the door. Now you can tell her parents never showed her a horror movie because “Hello, you never open the door!!!” She does. (laugh)

What she should have done:

Campbell then takes us on an adventure that not only has Maisy facing off against the world’s most dangerous animal, but some others. Apparently some things survived the meteorite. Then mother nature has some surprises for Maisy. Campbell moves the story along quickly from South Dakota to South Carolina. Not everyone survives. 

When the ships arrive, Campbell manages to throw another surprise in at the last minute and leaves us with a cliffhanger. What a trip After The End is and I want to see where it goes and who survives. Luckily for us, it looks like a box set already out and on Kindle Unlimited too!

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Meet the Author

Jamie Campbell     

Further Details:
Publisher: 979-8608483295, 28 January 2020
Cover Design:
Series: Emerge #1
Pages: 320
Settings: Rapid City, SD to Charleston, SC, U.S.
Sex: N/A

28 July 2020
29 July 2020

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