Review: Northern Lights by Lise Gold

Christmas in Norway brings magic to two women’s lives.


Hannah Hudson decides to take a break from her busy restaurant and her life in London after her girlfriend, who she thought she’d spend her life with, suddenly walks out on her. She travels to a small boutique hotel in Kirkenes, Norway, hoping to spend a peaceful and relaxing Christmas by herself.

Kristine Miller loves adventure. A bank manager living in a small town in Louisiana, she’ll take every opportunity she can get to explore the world. Kristine travels to Norway hoping to see the famous northern lights but when she meets Hannah, a fellow guest at her hotel, she realizes soon enough that the northern lights might not be the most fascinating thing there.

Both women expected Christmas in Norway to be special but neither of them expected it to bring magic into their lives….4

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Falling in love under nature’s Christmas lights is a magic all its own. Lise Gold brings this romance alive in Northern Lights for Hannah and Kristine. The two women could not live further apart, but under these lights they find each other. Gold focuses on the magic of nature and Christmas is an afterthought almost. Nature and its beauty is at the forefront and seriously who can compete with that? (laugh)

Gold lets love unravel naturally between Hannah and Kristine. What is just supposed to be some holiday fun ends up turning into something more for the two women. A nice holiday present to have on a vacation which brings more beauty than they both expected.

Gold is descriptive but not flowery. The romance is fun and sensual. Their journey continues in book two according to the story. So we get a definite HFN ending for the holiday. Beautiful lights and some really funny moments are what I am left with after the Northern Lights. Isn’t that what the holidays are about?

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Meet the Author

Lise Gold

Lise Gold is an author of lesbian romance. Her romantic attitude, enthusiasm for travel and love for feel good stories form the heartland of her writing. Born in London to a Norwegian mother and English father, and growing up between the UK, Norway, Zambia and the Netherlands, she feels at home pretty much everywhere and has an unending curiosity for new destinations. She goes by ‘write what you know’ and is often found in exotic locations doing research or getting inspired for her next novel.

Working as a designer for fifteen years and singing semi- professionally, Lise has always been a creative at heart. Her novels are the result of a quest for a new passion after resigning from her design job in 2018. Since the launch of Lily’s Fire in 2017, she has written several romantic novels and is currently working on ‘The Compass Series’.

When not writing from her kitchen table, Lise can be found cooking, at the gym or singing her heart out somewhere, preferably country or blues. After living in Amsterdam and Hong Kong together and getting married in Spain, she and her wife have finally settled in the UK with their dogs El Comandante and Bubba, and their cats Kanye and Tittie (who also has his own clothing line).4    

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Further Details:
Publisher: Lise Gold Books, 978-1999676391, 17 November 2018
Cover Design:
Narrator: Addison Barnes
Series: Compass #1
Pages: 170
Settings: Norway
Sex: Rated R

8 July 2020
12 July 2020

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