Review: The Wrong McElroy by KL Hughes

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little family drama….


When Fiona Ng’s best friend, Michael, needs a pretend girlfriend to bring home for Christmas in Arkansas, Fiona girds her loins and steps up. Besides, how hard could one festive family weekend be, anyway?

That’s before she meets the boisterous McElroy clan, with accents as thick as a homemade pie crust, and an endless supply of competitive siblings, including Lizzie, Michael’s beautiful younger sister.

Lizzie seems to be everywhere, with her intoxicating scent, wandering hands, lingering gaze, and that bright, echoing laugh. The more time Fiona spends in her orbit, she wonders how she can even concentrate let alone pull off a convincing fake relationship.4

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This book reminds me of the movie The Family Stone (Dir. T. Bezucha, 2005) which I absolutely love and I cannot really tell you why. I can tell you why I love this book.

The Wrong McElroy is all about finding love at Christmas time. This would make the perfect Christmas movie. KL Hughes hits every holiday button there is with her family dysfunction holiday love story.

The cover makes it look like this is a Valentine’s Day book- it is NOT. This is all about Christmas. A very family competitive Christmas with snowball fights, gingerbread house competitions, and food, there is a lot of food. There are eight kids, two parents, one very old-fashioned no filter grandma, and an assortment of grandchildren. Can you say popcorn moments? Oh yeah!

Hughes drops in a fake girlfriend into this mix who takes one look at a family member that she should not be flirting with and is lost. The attraction is mutual and hilarious. Hughes has created a rom-com you  will want to re-read every Christmas.

Hughes has also left crumbs for future books with this crazy wonderful family. I really hope they follow up on them because I want more.

I got this book from my library. I love my local library and you should check out yours too. Request LGBTQ+ books and they will stock them! #ebooksforall

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Meet the Author

KL Hughes   

KL Hughes is an American poet and fiction author writing in multiple genres. Growing up in a small town of just over 1500 people, she spent much of her time inventing various ways to entertain herself as well as others. Whether it was through vocal performances of original children’s songs or theatrical re-enactments of books, movies, and actual events, Hughes showcased her extensive imagination and creativity at a very early age.

She began writing poetry at the age of nine, a passion that rapidly grew and expanded to include short stories, novellas, and eventually novels. Throughout elementary school and high school, Hughes won several contests and competitions focused in original poetry and short-story composition.

After graduating valedictorian of her high-school class, Hughes went on to pursue and earn a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Theatre Arts and English Literature. Her collegiate studies allowed her to develop and hone her skills in poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, and fiction prose.

Working as a writer full-time, Hughes lives in the United States with her wife and their Dalmatian. When not writing, she enjoys theatre and film, travel, visits to old cemeteries and haunted houses, putting on one-woman musicals for her wife, long walks and hikes, and family time.4 

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Further Details:
Publisher: Ylva Publishing, 978-3963242632, 16 October 2019
Cover Design:
Editor: Michelle Aguilar
Narrator: Nicole Blessing
Series: Standalone
Pages: 194
Settings: Arkansas, US
Sex: Rated R

6 July 2020
Christmas in July!
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4Bio and/or Synopsis are from Goodreads.
Photo credit: Book cover is from Goodreads.

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