Review: Troubled Waters by Rachel Ford

No good deed goes unpunished.


Kay Ellis is looking forward to returning from a six-month supply run. She’s looking forward to being back in the safety of Union space. And she’s looking forward to her wedding with Captain Magdalene Landon.

But when the Black Flag receives a distress signal from a scuttled alien transport, their return is temporarily postponed. The mission of mercy enters troubled waters as a mysterious pursuer appears.

The longer the new guests stay onboard, the more Kay begins to question their hard luck story. And the more she wonders if the Black Flag will survive to see Union space again.4

I have mentioned before how much I love Frank right? Or how much I crush on Syd? (sigh) Yeah, I seriously crush on Syd. 

If you love spaceship battles then Troubled Waters is the book for you! Rachel Ford sets our gang on a rescue mission and then has it turn into an all out war. I have to be honest here: I cried. The battle scenes are so intense and death comes calling that Ford had me crying. It was freaking awesome.

I will confess that I kind of had a feeling about one of the biggest plot twists. It could be because I am a cynical bastard or it could be a familiar trope. Not sure. 

I loved the bromance between Frank and Liam and then Frank and Dave. How do I explain my love for Syd without giving away anything from the book? I don’t. You have to read it to understand that my love for Syd is sealed with this book. 

Everything once again chances with Troubled Waters. I am excited to see where Ford takes us next. Until next time…see in you in the stars.

Thank you to the author for putting the book on Kindle Unlimited affording me the opportunity to read it as it has not hit my library yet. Thank you!!!! 

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Books in the “Black Flag” series:

#1 Safe Passage (See my review on 7 May 2020)

#2 Lee Shores (See my review on 3 June 2020)

#3 Troubled Waters

#4 No Quarter

#5 Acceptable Losses is set for release 26 August 2020

Meet the Author

Rachel Ford

Rachel Ford lives in beautiful Central Wisconsin. She is a programmer, who works in everything from SQL to .NET to Cisco CVP and IVR. Her latest foray into new and exciting things has been developing custom Java plugins for CVP applications.

Rachel also enjoys recreating historically authentic jewelry, and mixing historical recreations with fantasy elements to create exciting new pieces.

When not designing jewelry or tinkering with computers, Rachel spends her time writing and reading science fiction and fantasy.4

Website * Instagram * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * LinkedIn * Goodreads

Further Details:
Publisher: 979-8604592106, 24 September 2019
Cover Design: May Dawney Designs
Series: Black Flag Series #3
Pages: 294
Settings: Space
Sex: N/A

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