Review: Play to Kiss by Arizona Tape

Two wrongs make a right.

Dark Romance


Princess Zafira always wanted what she couldn’t have and the throne is no different. She’ll stop at nothing to get her hands on the crown, even if that means killing her brother. But when Princess Jade appears in court, everything changes. Now there’s someone else standing in her way, and this someone comes with killer green eyes.

Both want the same thing, only one can win. To get what their twisted hearts desire, they’ll stop at nothing. But what if amidst the chaos and destruction, they find a spark of something else, something more? Will they give up the crown or each other?

Holy sugar!!!! I have said it before and I will probably say it again: I love Arizona Tape!!!

Arizona Tape does the impossible and writes a dark, twisted, steamy, violent, “OMG did that just happen!” – romance with Play to Kiss. I say “impossible” because I have read over 20 novels by this author of new adult academy slow burn omg are they ever going to kiss…they did not even kiss! Romance. Tape has written quite a few adult romance and co-written poly-romances, I have reviewed them here. Yet there is nothing like what is detailed in Kiss. Whew! Tape has opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities (hehehehehe).

I really am going to write about the book itself (laugh). The covers are designed by Vampari Designs, aka Arizona Tape, are simple with their deception. The clean and innocent covers hide the dark romance inside and it is a brilliant marketing concept. I also love the covers due to their mark difference from Tape’s other covers.

Play to Kiss hits every trigger there is if someone has one, BUT Tape warns readers first. Plus, once warned you know what to expect and…(laugh) I just lied. Tape surprises at almost every turn. This is a dark romance. I am trying to think of an example, Killing Eve, keeps coming to mind, but this definitely goes a step further. 

There is subterfuge, betrayals, mystery, and of course murder. Tape layers it all brilliantly within or should I say around the romance. It is hard to say which is dominant: the mystery or the romance. I am so glad I have the next book because I cannot wait to see if the threads I see are picked up in book two.

The romance in Kiss is steamy, detailed (thank you), and aggressive. Sometimes I was just laughing because it actually did remind me of Eve and Villanelle. I wish Tape wrote like this all the time. (sigh) It is so good.

If you have never picked up the first book in “The Twisted Trilogy”, now is the time to do so before the third book is released. It is a Dexter of a ride.      

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Books in “The Twisted Trilogy”:

#2 Play to Kill

#3 Play to Keep is set for release 30 August 2020

Further Details:
Publisher: Vampari Press, 9781080018291, 11 July 2019 (Play To Kiss was previously titled Twisted Games)
Cover Design: Vampari Designs
Narrator: Portia Kay Winters
Series: The Twisted Trilogy #1
Pages: 170; Sex: Rated R

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