Review: Hexes And Handcuffs: Supernatural Prison Stories

Get hexed, handcuffed, and held prisoner!

Cover Design: Pixie Covers

Hexes & Handcuffs: A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural Prison Stories


You’ll be captivated by this collection of supernatural prison stories—full of paranormal penitentiaries, magical asylums, enchanting reformatories and otherworldly juvenile detention centers where inmates, prisoners, and the criminally insane are held captive with enough strength to bind even the most powerful.

Within these walls, you’ll find witches, vampires, shifters, fae, wizards, warlocks, and more magically incarcerated creatures, some struggling to escape, and all fighting to just to survive.4

Authors include: Maggie Alabaster, Tabitha Barrett, Bokerah Brumley, Quirah Casey, M.M. Chabot, Tiegan Clyne, Emma Cole, Margo Bond Collins, May Dawson, Elizabeth Dunlap, A.J. Mullican, Cyndi Faria, L.A. Fox, Tina Glasneck, Jen Grey, Leigh Kelsey, Dana Lyons, Niobe Marsh, Bee Murray, Jen Ponce, D.A. Stein, Khardine Grey, Faith Summers, and Nicole Zoltack.

Margo Bond Collins makes you want to go right out and get the next book in the story after reading Broken Chains, “A La Isla Perdida Paranormal Prison Prequel” (say that three times fast – laugh). I am already in love with Evangeline, Mara, and Gage. Collins has magic, shape-shifters, battles, and human a**wipes. Gotta love a story like that. Stick a fork in me because you had me at cat burglars who are chained up. (laugh)

Elizabeth Dunlap kicks off an exciting new series “Highborn Asylum” in Freak. Violet, aka “Letty”, wakes up everyday pretty much with no memory. If she is lucky she sees a boy, who calls her Letty, and does not mind that she can hear the walls talk. All she knows is the walls of the Asylum even though the boy tells her differently. He says she is magic and has seen it. She thinks he is as nuts as her. I loved this story. It is deep, dark, and twisted. It has so much potential. Freaking loved it!!!

Gargoyles that turn into hot men. Men that have a sense of humor and honor? Jen Ponce knows how to write a hero in Rock, Meet Hard Place which is part of the “Magic, Mayhem, & Rebellion Series”. Ponce does not write much about Poppy other than the guys think she is cute (laugh) – typical guys. On the other hand, Ponce has created quite the background for our guys and their gargoyle world. I love their humor most and I have a feeling their punches come with snarky one liners. 

Locked in prison is the theme lately. These writers make it seem like fun to watch. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Dangerous Words Publishing, 19 February 2020
Series: Standalone; Settings: Prison
Pages: 607; Sex: N/A


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