Review: Unspeakable A Queer Gothic Anthology

Even dark tales deserve their time in the sun.


Unspeakable features eighteen Gothic tales with uncanny twists and characters that creep under your skin. Its stories feature sapphic ghosts, terrifying creatures of the sea, and haunted houses concealing their own secrets. Whether you’re looking for your non-binary knight in shining armour or a poly family to murder with, Unspeakable showcases the best contemporary Gothic queer short fiction. Even dark tales deserve their time in the sun.

Want to be a Judge?

Once again I let my finger blindly dictate where I would begin this anthology and Laguna and the Engkanto written by Katalina Watt is my first stop. Watt writes a descriptive story about a girl not only exploring her body, but who she might be. While embracing each new discovery, she unwittingly welcomes an unknown into her mist. Then ends up facing a very unexpected discovery. Yeah, let’s just say I was ready to scream with her (laugh). 

Still stunned by Watt, I rolled right into death and marriage in The Moon in the Glass written by Jude Reid. Young love goes slightly wrong or is it right for Charlotte? This story reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode and would make an excellent one. On the same night Charlotte gets married, someone is found dead. What is real? What isn’t? In this historical spooky story, you won’t know until the end.

Reading E. Saxey’s The Ruin was a bit eerie living in a world we are in right now. A man trying to get anyone to believe that his lover wants to destroy the world. Is his lover really a terrorist? A dreamer? Or just a pessimist? You tell me after you read the story.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the Cover Reveal promo team for this book and I fell in love with the cover. I knew without having read anything about the book that I was going to read this book. This is a cover that you buy the hardcover of  the book for. Kudos to Jenni Coutts and Charlie Bramald for such an amazing cover. If you ever produce poster size prints: YES PLEASE!!!

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.




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Meet the Editor

Celine Frohn 

Celine Frohn is an enthusiastic devourer of books. Originally from the Netherlands, she has now made her home in Sheffield, where she is currently working towards a PhD in English Literature at the University of Sheffield. Her working experience includes running a book blog for six years, reading slush pile at a romance publisher, proofreading manuscripts for self-published authors, and various other odd-jobs in the cultural sector. She loves fluffy animals and alternative music.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Nyx Publishing, 978-1916366909, 28 February 2020
Cover Illustrator: Jenni Coutts
Cover Designer: Charlie Bramald
Editor: Celine Frohn
Series: N/A
Pages: 238
Sex: N/A

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