Review: Scythe by Christina Bauer

Truth time. I go to a Learning Squirrel High School. Don’t judge.


On second thought, judge away. Learning Squirrel is one step above attending class in a junkyard. But what do you expect? Everything’s made out of garbage these days. At least, I have my freelance work to keep Mom and me housed, clothed, and fed. How? I’m your regular high school science geek for hire… only my work manipulates space-time. These gigs pay really well, but the government wants people like me dead. Good thing I’m super careful about hiding from their detection systems.

Then I screw up a job. Badly. My house slips into two-dimensional space-time. It only lasts for a few seconds, but the move still sets off about a dozen government alarms. If they track me down, Mom and I are as good as dead. Long story short, I need to pay someone off, hide the evidence, and keep us safe.

Unfortunately, that means asking the Scythe for help. He runs the local underground crime scene and has absolutely no conscience. Or I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. It’s hard to think straight when a guy’s that hot in an evil Mafioso kingpin kind of way. More importantly, he’s a crime lord who can conceal my slip-up with a few clicks on his minion’s computer keyboards. But the Scythe has his price. In this case, he wants me to finish a certain dimensional prototype for him in twenty-four hours. I can do it, but it might mean Learning Squirrel High gets blown up in the process. Oh yes, and there’s also my new hot classmate who may or may not be an alien… and he says he’ll do anything to help me.

This job won’t be easy, but I’ve gotten out of worse scrapes. Maybe.4

Meimi is so cool. Why didn’t I have friends this cool in high school?

Christina Bauer revamps the original book and breaks it into three books, at least this what I think happens (laugh) regarding the “Dimension Drift” series.. I come to this series late in the game and have just started it, to find that what was a two book series is now a four book series, but each prequel has now additional material. 

I say this for the benefit of any readers who already started the series and say, “Huh?!”

Scythe kicks off the “Dimension Drift” series telling Meimi’s version of events before she enters the Echo Academy. Meimi is beyond cool and of course she only has a couple of friends who seem just as cool and want in the badassery of Meimi’s world. 

Bauer has created a world right in my backyard so for me I connected even more with the characters and the story. I think the only part of the story which was confusing to me was how a six-year-old girl stayed off the grid working for a company who is as brilliant as she is and she was not taken for science. There is no real explanation as to why it is normal for six-year-olds to be working, I got the impression she was not doing mill work so I am a little confused on this issue. Maybe it is explained in another book.

Other than that issue, Bauer creates a fantastic world full of multiple bad guys, betrayals, and technology. There is plenty of science fiction and parallel universes to please the sci-fi geeks. Bauer has created quite a task as there seems to be no good guys except maybe the aliens and even they have an agenda.

Very exciting. See you on the Drift.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Books in the “Dimension Drift” series:


#3 Alien Minds

#4 Echo Academy

Meet The Author

Christina Bauer

Further Details:
Publisher: Monster House Books, 9781946677259, 24 April 2018, re-released 24 April 2019
Series: Dimension Drift #1
Pages: 178
Settings: Western Massachusetts, US
Sex: N/A

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