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All Bets Are Off


Candy is no charity case. She’s a fighter who will come on top every time life throws her a curve ball. Except when her foundations get shook by devastating news. That crazy billionaire’s offer starts to sound appealing after all. But accepting it will break her girlfriend’s heart into a million pieces. Nora doesn’t deserve that, but Candy’s mom will die without a transplant. Time to put all cards on the table.

Gemma might lose her job for playing with her boss’s newest plaything. Problem is, she’s never fallen head-over-heels like that for anyone. Caution be damned. Candy is worth risking everything and Gemma isn’t afraid to gamble.

Rick has never been known for his patience. His high-roller status in the stock market speaks for itself. He always gets what he wants; and he wants Candy. Rick is willing to go all in for a chance to taste her.4

Sissy Queen writes a very steamy and detailed All Bets Are Off (2018) that is all about the ladies. I do not want to say much because this is a short story.

I do want to add that Candy commits adultery on the woman she is in a long-term relationship with who unbeknownst to her is about to propose. Spoiler alert: Candy literally has sex with Gemma once and dumps her girlfriend for her. This spoiled the whole story for me. Sorry rainbows.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

4Bio and/or Synopsis are from Goodreads.

5Bio and/or Synopsis are from Amazon.

Photo credit: Book cover is from Goodreads.

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