Randoms: #WCW

Photo credit: http://www.sneakpeek.ca/2013/10/more-new-footage-from-lost-girl-season-4.html

Bella Media Channel promotes Queer positivity and we could all use some positive energy about now. I am saying that, but today’s story is about how Netflix is cancelling Lost Girl on April 1st. That is so messed up. I love Bo. I love Bo and Kenzie. Bo was the first pansexual I saw I television who leaned more towards the ladies – just like me. It was awesome. Plus hello she kicks ass…laugh.

Need a laugh? Author’s are sharing their funny stories in Project Laughter via iHeartLesfic.

This weekend Curve Magazine is hold a Virtual Festival with authors: Georgia Beers, Melissa Brayden, Maggie Cummings, Aurora Rey, and Carsen Taite. So cool. Check the link for when it is happening in your time zone.

T.B. Markinson‘s A Shot At Love is now on audio. I reviewed this book which is the first book in “The Village Romance” series and really enjoyed it.

#WCW gets celebrated all the time with my YouTube playlists of Lesbian music:

Check out my other music playlists under Random Sounds.

Now on to helpful shit…well hopefully helpful.

Previously posted information that you might not have seen:

Once again, gay rapper K2 Cocky steps up and makes his entire collection free during this crisis. Check out his music on Bandcamp. Or check out his dedicated page here on Phoebe’s Randoms.

Looking for the latest music? Listen to my Current Music Playlists – Spotify updated on Friday.

Need some web-series to binge? I have a list (laugh), Bingeables.

I added Lesbireal Seasons One thru Three to the LGBTQ Web-Series page.

Feeling stressed? Orgasms help me (laugh). They help some of my friends too! I’m not the only one. So I compiled a list of BDSM reads to hopefully help you out if you are looking for something a little more out of the box. (laugh).

“Share the knowledge. Share the power.”

“Share the love. Don’t share a disease.”

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Women Crush Wednesday: Horror Fuel


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