Review: Queer Cosmos by Colin Bedell

Alone for Christmas. Alone for Valentine’s Day. Am I always going to be alone? Let’s see what the stars have to say….

Cover Design: Allyson Fields


There is a new book that is perfect for those in search of dating and life advice…  Queer Cosmos The Astrology of Queer Identities & Relationships by Colin Bedell, published by Cleis Press!  

Queer Cosmos is a contemporary, fresh look into astrology, personal insight, and relationships for the LGBTQ+ community! Astrologer Colin Bedell from Cosmopolitan and has brought together fifteen years of research, client interviews, and astrological mastery to create a spiritual guide for not only resistance and resilience, but also personal insights and relationship compatibility. Although a great one, don’t let the title of the book fool you, this must-read is for EVERYONE, queer or not! 

Unpacking complex issues like shame and worthiness, Queer Cosmos explores Astrology as an antidote to feelings of hopelessness and provides language for authentic practices of self-expression. Leaving behind gender-normative pronouns and assumptions, Queer Cosmos explores more nuanced patterns of the archetypal energies expressed in queer experiences.

After all, the only way to forge deep, meaningful relationships is to first forge a relationship with yourself. Drawing on research from experts in the field like Dr. Harville Hendrix, Brene Brown, and Esther Perel, Bedell goes deep to provide practical relational theory that can empower readers to find successful and healthy relationships.

When I first started reading the section about Libras, my first thought was when did I meet Colin? Bedell says that Libras are all about peace – I say this all the time!!!! I even have it tattooed on my arm.

I love this part about me: “…deeply focused on making sure everyone feels seen and invited to have a seat at the table…inclusion, connection, and conversation…(and here is the kicker folks pay attention) you would have no idea they’re concealing an inner anxiety that urges them to focus on justice” (p. 76). Holy sugar, this is me!!!!

I could go on quoting the chapter on me, I mean Libras, but why? (laugh) If you want to know anything about me – read this book. It is so crazy how spot on Bedell is.

For me, the love section would be more fun if I had any prospects on the horizon. It would be cool if there was a party and you could see who would blend better together. Or go to a speed dating event and start with, “What’s your sign?”

I do not know if I will still be alone this summer, the book did not tell me that (laugh). It did give me an idea as to what sign might be fun in bed and who to avoid so I do not have to hear any drama.

Queer Cosmos is a really fun read. If you are dating and live by the stars, I guarantee you will have the love section earmarked for referencing. 

I received an ARC of this book from Cleis Press and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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Further Details:
Publisher: Cleis Press, 9781627782937, 2019
Cover Design: Allyson Fields; Cover Image: iStock
Text Design: Frank Wiedemann
Foreword: Marianne Williamson
Pages: 360

Promotional materials from Cleis Press.

Editor’s Note: previously published on PRW on 6 March 2020. Edited with updated content & PR standard formatting on 16 March 2020.

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