Review: Activist: Portraits of Courage

Non-Fiction: Social Justice

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A speech on the radio. A high school literature class. A promise made to a mother.


Activism begins in small ways and in unexpected places. In this inspiring book, over forty activists from Billie Jean King to Senator Bernie Sanders and Grover Norquist to Al Sharpton recount the experiences that sparked their journeys and share the beliefs that keep them going. These are citizens who met challenge with action. Their visions for peace, equality, and justice have reshaped American society—from voting to reproductive rights, and from the environment to the economy.

• Brings together multiple generations from different (sometimes opposite perspectives)

• Features KK Ottesen’s luminous photographs revealing passion, purpose and optimism

• Powerful narratives that collective remind us that anyone can take the future into their own hands4

When I saw Activists: Portraits of Courage (Chronicle Books, 9781452182773, 2019) by KK Ottesen on Goodreads Giveaway list I was beyond excited. I did not think I was going to win, but I hoped and hoped. When I won I was beyond thrilled.

I waited for the book to come in the mail and when it arrived it took everything in me not to rip open the packaging. Here it was. I sat down and flipped open the book and the first story it opened to was a rainbow story. How apropos. 

Natalie Maines tells her story and as most transgender kids will tell you – it is never a pretty one. Maines is now playing a superhero on television’s Super Girl. It is is not her words though that have stayed with me, but her father’s:

“…the real superheroes are the trans kids who get out of bed every day knowing they’re going to have a bad day.”

I have had this book for a couple of months because to be honest, for me, this was not a book to just breeze through and write a review. This is a conversation piece. These stories are journeys of the past and present – not just journeys but lessons. 

Ottesen does full profiles and in-depth thoughts and quotes as to the hows and whys everyday people, and some famous ones too, decided to fight for us – all of us. 

You know me by now, I wanna have multiple dinner parties and pick a random story and have a conversation. Do you want to be inspired? Do you want to have a conversation? Do you want to see where we came from? Do you want to see where we are going?

Read Activist.

I received this book for free in a Goodreads Giveaway and give my opinion without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.




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Pages: 300

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Editor’s Note: previously published on PRW on 28 February 2020. Edited with updated content & PR standard formatting on 11 April 2020.

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