Review: Purgatory City by Rebecca Royce and Skye MacKinnon

Eileen thought she was finally escaping hell and going to heaven – instead she had signed up for worse.


Eileen hesitated before stepping through the gates into Purgatory City. She was leaving the life of starvation and suffering behind. Finally she would have food, comfort, safety, and a roof over her head. All she had to do was step through the gate…unless of course it was all a trick and she died the minute she stepped through.

She answered all of the guards’ questions. They asked her again if this was what she wanted and she said, “Yes”. Then she stepped forward through the gates and into the darkness and guess what?

She did not die. Instead she was mutilated, caged, and under some kind of alien mind control. Awesome.

Play the Game or die.

(dun dun dun….)

Oh my god!!! This book you cannot put down. So pee before you start it rainbows because seriously it will be going with you everywhere!

Rebecca Royce and Skye MacKinnon have teamed up to give us a fun filled dystopian future where everyone wants you to die including your friends. Welcome to Purgatory City the first book in the “Through the Gates” series where nothing and no one is as it seems to include you.

(huge sigh) What to say that will not give anything away….laugh. Can I get away with one word sentences? 

Mind-tripping. Heart-breaking. Kick-ass heroine. Oh the backstories!!! (sigh) Action-packed. Thrill riding oh my god moments. Rack-em up kill numbers. Where did that (blank) go? Mind-tripping – yeah worth saying twice. 

Sex – have to put this on a separate line because you know those sensors love me (laugh).

Royce and MacKinnon have reduced me to tags because I am too afraid to give anything away. This is a fabulous writing team with a nice twist on a familiar trope. Dystopia was never so messed up or enjoyable to read.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Further Details:
Publisher: Peryton Press, 2020
Settings: Earth
Pages: 300; Sex: Rated R


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