Review: Goode Girls Steal by J.J. Arias

How do you go from opponents to teammates, especially when the opponent has cost you the championship for the last three years?! Did I mention she also breaks hearts too?


Gabriela Pena is entering her last year of college. She just came back from being dumped in a huge way by her girlfriend. She has a permanent mark on her body to show her stupidity over love. Now all Gabby wants to do is win the softball championships and graduate.

Instead she comes back and finds out that her softball arch nemesis has transferred to her college and joined the team. And while she was gone, Brooke has been cosying up to her teammates and trying to charm them! 

Oh no! This is so not going to happen. Gabby cannot let this girl in. Now Brooke is showing up everywhere! Brooke is in her classes, showing up at extra training sessions, and is now in a school project with her. When is her nightmare going to end?! Oh, and now her throwing game is off and the girl cosying up to Brooke is her competition. Could her season get any worse?

J.J. Arias knocks it out of the park on this one and I loved it! Yes, I used a cliche and I might continue to use them as I write this (laugh). Goode Girls Steal is a great romance for Valentine’s and the beginning of softball season. 

This is a slow-burn romance with so much more going on. It is an enemies to lovers story and a story about second chances. It deals with insecurities and a child dealing with a parent with a mental illness. It tells of how people need to work together to be part of a team and how it is more than just working out. 

Steal has so many layers and this is what I find that Arias is so good at and makes me want to read more of her. She sneaks them in and before you know it, you are eating Cuban food and listening to all the drama around the table. I grew up on arroz con pollo and let me tell you, I was nodding my head a lot of the time in this book. Arias is quickly becoming a fave of mine – just giving you rainbows a heads up. You might be seeing more reviews of this author here. She’s a TBR.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Further Details:
Publisher: 2019
Series: Goode Girls #3
Pages: 202
Setting: Tallahassee, FL
Sex: Rated R

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Photo credit: Book cover is from J.J. Arias.


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