Review: Magical Misfit by Laura Greenwood and L.A. Boruff

How does Lou stop Estelle when all Estelle has to do is write in the book to change her world?


Everyone at the Academy thinks Lou killed Kristi. Lou tried to show Tyler that Estelle had written the rumor in the book, but Tyler does not believe her. Sadie and Madison are staying away from her. And something keeps interfering with her spending any time alone with the guys.

The Alpha is on campus, but anytime Lou thinks about getting the book to him she gets distracted. As long as Estelle has the book, she is in charge. Lou is isolated and under the book’s control. 

Now to figure out a way to get her guys back and defeat Estelle.

Laura Greenwood and L.A. Boruff redeem themselves with the conclusion of the “Magic and Metaphysics Academy” trilogy with Magical Misfit. Lou concentrates on her relationships with the guys and we get some great “romance” scenes between all three.

What really redeems the trilogy is the story, the mystery becomes the usual trope but with originality (laugh that does make sense right?). I liked how Lou experimented with her natural magic and grew into herself as a person. I thought the final showdown was fun and catty. Misfit also was a very quick read, but that may have been because I was not doing the “hand to head emoji” saying “Seriously?!” as I was in the previous two books.

I enjoyed the ending of this trilogy. Magic, “fun”, a cat-fight, and happy ending is definitely a way to end an arc.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Meet the Authors

L.A. Boruff

Laura Greenwood

Further Details:
Publisher: Drowlgon Press, B07WVF4RQN, 2019
Series: Magic and Metaphysics Academy #3
Pages: 94
Setting: Magic and Metaphysics Academy
Sex: Rated R

Phoebe’s note: I would totally love to see a reverse harem/poly story with Sadie, Madison, and Tyler. The potential is there and I think it would be awesome. What is Tyler really (what type of hybrid)? Is there going to be a battle as Sadie is head of her coven? Is Madison an Omega type of girl? Hmmmm…sounds like a story to me.

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