Review: Unicorn Truth by Laura Greenwood and L.A. Boruff

Leola thinks she has all the answers to her past until she realizes the presents she has been receiving are not from her mates.


Since Leola decided not to punish her parents’ killer and instead send her for treatment and rehabilitation, she has been receiving gifts. It started with a beautiful silver spoon left while she was napping. A bottle of perfume left on the bathroom sink while she was in the shower. A box of jewelry left for her to find in her drawers.

All of this time she has been thinking they are gifts of love from her mates. Until one day she finds one in front of one of them and they realize that the gifts are not from her loved ones. Her escape plan backfires as she ends up running straight into the enemy’s lair. 

Now with two mates back at home, one mate with her and her baby – Leola is trapped with an unknown killer.

What a surprise the “Valentine Pride” series has turned out to be. This is no ordinary reverse harem romance from Laura Greenwood and L.A. Boruff. Unicorn Truth concludes this series with tense drama and action. An unknown story arc, a surprising macabre story twist, and a glimpse into the Magic and Metaphysics Academy. Whew!

I did not guess the killer. I did not guess the accomplice right away. The final act was kick ass and true to what I am used to of Greenwood characters. Overall, this series was a surprise and fun read. Each book was almost completely different. The final book makes for an interesting and girl empowering ending. Totally recommend!

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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Books in the “Valentine Pride” series:

#1 Unicorn Mates (See my review on 17 January 2020)

#2 Unicorn Luck (See my review on 19 January 2020)

“Unicorn Surprise” in Between the Sheets Vol. 2 Anthology

Meet the Authors

L.A. Boruff

Laura Greenwood

Further Details:
Publisher: Drowlgon Press, 1086938321, 2019
Cover Design: Ammonia Book Covers
Series: Valentine Pride #3
Pages: 122
Sex: Rated R

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Photo credit: Book cover is from Goodreads.

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