Review: Barakel’s Mask by Joel Crofoot

A Fallen Angel filled with loss is partnered with an angry Demon of Sodomy who can seduce without effort. Mission: entry into a sex club to track down a demon.

Illustrator: Kristyn Mcquiggan


Barakel is having enough problems watching the man that he loves with a human woman instead of him. Now he is paired with a demon who has no morals. No one knows of his penchant for men, nor of his love for Sahariel. Now if he can just stop himself from lusting after Philotanus, he can stay hidden.

Philotanus does not get it. He is going to therapy. He is learning the cello. Tanus is trying to be good. Now he has to let out some of the demon in him to question people at a sex club. Then he sees Barakel in the required mask and who knew lust on its own could taste so good. Tanus does not need Barakel’s baggage nor does he want a relationship. He has his own baggage.

Fate has other plans though as danger keeps putting them in harm’s way where the truth will come out.

Barakel’s Mask is the fifth book in the “A Series of Angels” series written by Joel Crofoot. This is the only book in the series which is a gay romance and I have to say I am surprised because Crofoot writes a fine romance. I loved the interaction between Barakel and Tanus.

Barakel’s backstory was heartfelt and enlightening. I thought Tanus’ therapy sessions were interesting and maybe a tad contrived, but I got the point. I probably would have felt more connected if I have read the previous four books and the session I am talking about would have felt more sincere if I had the multi-character connection.

Tanus’ humor was a highlight of this romance for me. The action sequences were fun too as was the mystery. Sometimes I felt like I was missing something, but I think once again it is because this is the fifth book of the series and I jumped in here. This can be read as a standalone, but sometimes it feels like you are missing something.

Overall, it is a good romance and action story. I would be interested in reading another gay romance from Crofoot.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Books in the “A Series of Angels” series:

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#2 Ramatel’s Vow (M/F Romance)

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#6 Gabriel’s Redemption (M/F Romance)

Further Details:
Publisher: B07HDDLTV6, 2018 
Editor: Pretty Little Book Promotions and PA Services
Series: A Series of Angels #5; Setting: Beverly Hills, CA
Pages: 162; Sex: Rated R


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