Review: Suds and Sam For Hire #3

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Suds and Sam chase a murderer, a serial killer, and a terrorist amidst family squabbles and cat-sitting. Just another normal day for them running Suds & Sam Detective Agency.


Suds is across the country babysitting a starlet. Sam is home and bored waiting for her P.I. license to get approved, but not for long. Soon Sam is catsitting for the local hitman who might actually be part of the hit squad. Slade gives Sam a job tracking an accident victim case which leads to murder.

Sam then finds herself in the middle of a serial killer hunt and Suds interacting with a terrorist. Did I forget to mention the tabloids have Suds sleeping with the starlet? Someone gets shot, someone misses their shot, and someone else ends up visiting the emergency room. 

Suds & Sam Detective Agency is currently not taking any calls at the moment.

This is a hilarious and busy story by Stella Marie Alden. Suds and Sam For Hire (B07ZY6282L, 2019) is the third book in “A Suds & Sam Mystery” and I am sorry I have not read the first two yet. Did you catch the word “yet” there? This couple is a hoot and holler. Holy sugar.

Alden puts the couple to work not just professionally but personally too. The cases are solid, though the logic of Sam tracking the accident case at the beginning had me rereading it to follow it. Everything else make perfect sense to me. 

Now the personal relationship…men will be men, what can I say. (laugh) I love this relationship though. I love the humor. I like the communication and sometimes the lack thereof. They are human and Alden allows them to be – even Suds. For those of you who read the Lucky books, Lucky and his wife make an extended appearance in this book too. 

Notice how I have not talked about the sex yet. I have to put this in separate paragraph because this will not get posted on Amazon (always getting zinged by those sensitivity filters (laugh)). The sex is hot. The masturbation scenes are good too. I have to (laugh) hand it to Alden that she allows for the reality of long-distance relationships and how many times men rub one out. She should probably allow for women’s needs too (laugh). The sex when they are together is panty-wetting too. Just saying. (See those sensitivity filters boot this review automatically – I’m learning.)

Suds For Hire is a keeper and a series you want to hire on for because Alden brings the goods on every level.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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Further Details:
Pages: 173
Settings: Brooklyn, NY
Sex: Rated R

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