Review: Mirrors and Magic by Laura Greenwood

Snow has spent her whole life avoiding apples, corsets, and combs. Now there is a Prince who makes her want to take the risk.


Snow is enrolled at the Grimm Academy where all who have prophecies are sent to be safe. She knows the prophecy and does everything she can to avoid it. Then a baby unicorn bonds to her and with it her magic. Snow starts to feel hope and conveniently a Prince enters the picture and there is a ball to attend.

One fairy-tale I am actually familiar with! I think this is my third fairy-tale retelling in two weeks and this is the only one I actually know (laugh). I think I only know if from a horror movie so I still do not know what the comb is supposed to do or the corset for that matter. I did know about the apple. (I am now buffing my nails because I am feeling all knowledgeful (not a word I know)).

Laura Greenwood can take a simple tale and turn into such entertainment and a fresh one at that. Mirrors and Magic is a whimsical take on Snow. I use the word “whimsical” because I would have remembered a unicorn being involved! I want the unicorn to be in more stories because I love the idea of the unicorn and its magical powers. Matter of fact along with a certain dust bunny we all know I love, I want a unicorn too. Man has this review gone off the rails. (laugh).  

I am totally going to have to write a different one for Amazon because the sensitivity filters just love me. 

Greenwood takes a flat storyboard character and gives her strength even through her own fear. I love this as it shows a young adult that fear does not have to stop you. The Grimm Academy series and the fairytale retellings are keepers in the Greenwood library and in my own. You should make them part of your’s. 

Mirrors and Magic is part of the Academy of Magic Anthology written by Bokerah Brumley, Laynie Bynum, M. Dalto, Laura Greenwood, Margo Ryerkerk, Holly Hook, Melanie Karsak, Tracy Korn, Chelli Larsen, Amanda Marin, Ashley McLeo, Anna Santos, Elle Scott, Kiesha Thomas, and Majanka Verstraete.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Books in the “Grimm Academy” series:


#3 Huntsmen and Hoods is set for release 30 July 2020

#5 Lamps and Lies is set for release 24 September 2020

#6 Frosts and Fears Once Upon A Yuletide (See my review on 31 December 2019)

Meet the Author

Laura Greenwood

Further Details:
Publisher: B07XTPBDF8, 2019
Pages: 2062 (Full Anthology)

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