Review: Break Me by Naomi Martin

Winter wants a new start. A new town, a new high school, and a new chance to make friends is right in front of her. Will her need to be something different lead her down the wrong path?

YA Fiction


Winter has already come back from the dead end path. She took it after her father died. Boys, drugs, alcohol, and partying destroyed everything she had going for her. Now she is recovering from yet another familial death. Yet this death brings her mother and her new opportunities: a chance to start over.

Winter makes her first friend on her first jaunt out of the house. Success! Her first day in high school the cool clique notices her and invites her to lunch. Success! Unfortunately the two sets of friends do not get along and soon she is caught in the crossfire of school dynamics and friendship codes. 

Then something far more sinister traps her in its web.

I had no clue where Naomi Martin was taking me in Break Me the first book in her “Sapphire Bay High” series, but now she can take me anywhere she wants to.

Holy sugar, this story is so good. When you are reading it you think that all of the drama of Winter’s life is in the past – so NOT. Crazy. Friendship drama and you get it and you are not sure who to side with. Then guy drama and once again, I do not know if I would not have done exactly what Winter does but…seriously damn (laugh). The scene just makes me laugh out loud. 

Then the story it takes us to…this is where the holy sugar comes in. The story gets better. Martin is a Queen at springing stuff on you. I love you. This was awesome. I read this book in one sitting because “hello could not put it down”. 

So let’s recap: drama, humor, maybe some slapping going on, I think I forgot to mention the really hot sex, and a mystery. Oh yeah, you totally need to read this.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Meet the Author

Naomi Martin

Phoebe’s Note: I do not know why this is listed as a “Reverse Harem” as the MC only has two lovers and they are one at a time and one is a quickie. It is also listed as “Bullying” – bullying is referred to by another character but there is no actual bullying going on in the book. I feel that this is false advertising or mislabeling.

Further Details:
Publisher: B081Q1HRKJ, 2019
Pages: 164
Rated R Sex (with some spanking)

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Editor’s Note: previously published on PRW on 30 December 2019. Edited with updated content & PR standard formatting on 5 April 2020.

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