Review: Valkyrie 104 by Arizona Tape

Ylva has to rescue everyone, open the doors to Valhalla, and kiss the girl.

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Valkyrie 104: The War of Souls


Last we saw Ylva and Hyde, they were lost in a blizzard looking for a dust bunny. Hyde disappears and Ylva wakes up in a village outside of the war being fought. She gets to see first hand the hardships that the war is having on the village: poverty, sickness, and a community working together.

Before long though Ylva finds herself in a spot of trouble and escapes the village. She finds herself back on her original mission to rescue her friends from the bunker. Then it is back to school to learn more magic and how to make a key to get into Valhalla. 

Unfortunately, other people have plans for Ylva and it may have nothing to do with Valhalla.

It took everything in me to finish the book I had to read before starting this one (laugh). I love “The Afterlife Academy” series by Arizona Tape and Valkyrie 104: The War of Souls has such interesting twists and turns. I do not even know where to start.

Ylva’s character is continuing to grow and her time in the village I think will impact her for a while. (See more on this later on.) Her relationships with people definitely changed and grew in this book which was great to read.

This book was a mixture of closures and openings. It felt like Tape was putting some mysteries to rest and she definitely started some new mysteries. I have to say this was a very exciting book to read. It read just as fresh as the first book in the series to read.

Tape has me hooked and yes, I have already pre-ordered the next one. Still working on a way to sneak around the Academy halls, but I might wait on that with the Midnight Ravens hanging around. Visiting the Afterlife is fun if you are doing it with Arizona Tape.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Meet the Author

Arizona Tape    

Further Details:
Publisher: Vampari Press, B07WWPJCGG, 17 November 2019
Cover Design: Vampari Designs
Pages: 164
Settings: The Afterlife Academy
Sex: N/A

Fan geeking section: (do NOT read if you do not want to know any spoilers!!!!!!) – Seriously (laugh)

I am thinking that there might be something in a future book between Zen and Ylva. A little too much touching by Zen. She reminded me a lot of Ryoko too in her attitude.

Plus the village people have to come back in a future book because seriously all of those great side-characters.

Pickles really needs a mate.

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