Review: Butterfly in Frost by Sylvia Day

Teagan likes order, but one look at Garrett Frost has her heart beating in anything but order.


Teagan is a reality television doctor who has taken a break from society. She moved from one coast to the other. Bought a new home. Changed careers. She rarely goes out and has made only a few friends. She has a routine. She likes her new life. Teagan is comfortable in her new life. 

Then comes the new next door neighbor who buys the house because he likes the light. Their first meeting ends up with him on top of her on the street. To say their physical chemistry is off the charts is a tame description. Garrett wants to move right to the bedroom, or the floor, or even the wall. Teagan when she is not thinking is right there with him. 

The problems come when Teagan thinks as she suffers from severe depression and anxiety. She thinks her issues will be too much for Garrett. He comes with his own past though and it is as dark as her’s. 

I am not used to this type of book from Sylvia Day. As usual I got Butterfly in Frost because of Day and did not read the blurb, but just started reading. I was expecting a lot of sex and Day gave me something a lot more. She gave me something that I deal with myself, a strong woman dealing with mental health issues.

Butterfly is still a romance novel that just happens to have a character with mental health issues. Day adds in the symptoms of Teagan’s depression just as you would add in someone sneezing if you said they had a cold. This is a refreshing and destigmatizing look at depression. Day does not take away any of the character’s strength of person or the hardships a person faces when dealing with depression.

Day also still gives us romance and sex. Garrett and Teagan are combustible. Garrett is the kind of person everyone wants to find in a partner. Especially if you are looking for up against the door take me kind of sex and the the person cooks too (laugh). Day packs it all in Butterfly and believe me the frost melts on the pages.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Sylvia Day

Further Details:
Publisher: Montlake Romance, B07R59KMFP, 2019
Pages: 199
Sex: Rated R

Phoebe’s Note: I do not have categories selected due to potential spoilers.

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