Review: Wild Fire by Christine Feehan

Going back home and undercover, Conner Vega comes face to face with his past. A mate who is far more dangerous to him than his assignment.


Connor Vega and the team are hired by a mysterious benefactor to retrieve kidnapped children from a dangerous human and drug trafficker. Vega has to go undercover and seduce the leader and dangerous woman who kills and tortures her lovers for fun.

There is one slight problem for Vega in the form of Isabeau Chandler. Isabeau is his mate and she lives in the rainforest. If he can just keep away from her, then the mission should be a success. The problem?

She is the one who hired him.

(Sigh) Christine Feehan does it again in Wild Fire. I do not know how I missed this novel the first time around. Walmart advertised this novel as an exclusive print and I bought it thinking it was new and as you can see by the copyright – it is NOT new. Yet, I had not read it before. Hmmmm.

Anyhoo, the story is action-packed and tense. I probably should add drama filled. Vega really messed up the first time around with Isabeau. (I do not want to spoil the details, but he really stepped on it. HUGE.) This is not the usual, “I am mad at you.” It is heart-wrenching, yet the mission is still prominent. Feehan gives Isabeau’s pain the respect it deserves and does not rush the love story as the love is still the undercurrent of the pain. (Hopefully that makes sense to you.) 

Isabeau is strong woman in her own right and is willing to become stronger to save the children. As usual there are new members of the team and old members we get to reunite with. In some ways, there are deeper levels in this novel with the other characters that correspond to Isabeau’s pain and the level of the storyline. I really liked this aspect of the book.

(Laugh) The only issue I have is a sexual one – when do you hear me say that? The sex is great as usual by Feehan. EXCEPT – this one position that I just do not believe can be done. I want to see a couple do it in front of me. Seriously. You read it and tell me that you have actually done this – the whole act successfully. I want to see it. (laugh) I have tried this position – yeah not cute in any way. Totally not successful at it either I will add. 

I love the “Leopard” series and Wild Fire is no different. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Books in the “Leopard People” series

Further Details:
Publisher: Jove, 2010
Series: Leopard #4
Sex: Rated R


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