Review: Valkyrie 102 by Arizona Tape

Ylva is facing the evil that took her husk and she has to decide whether to fight or run to fight another day.

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Valkyrie 102: How to become a Valkyrie


Ylva finds herself untethered in the Veil and then attached to the man who took the wolves from the Academy. He brings her to the Forest of Illusion where she finds herself stuck until she solves the puzzle of the Forest only to end up with more than she bargained for in the process – for freedom always has a price.

Upon her return to the Academy, nothing returns to normal. Ylva faces yet another animal who decides she makes a nice lunch. She survives only to find the world changed for her and those around her as a time clock has been started. It is a race against time as lips are sealed, battles are fought and lost, and Ylva is yet again standing alone in the darkness.

It is so hard not to give anything away (banging my head).

I waited with lots of anticipation for this sequel and Arizona Tape does not disappoint with Valkyrie 102: How to become a Valkyrie, the second book in “The Afterlife Academy” series. I got short of breath just typing the above because so much more happens and I want to tell you, but I cannot because I want to live to see the next book (laugh).

Tape takes us on a whirlwind with Ylva. It is actually a good whirlwind for her character, not so much our hearts or her’s, but for the character. Ylva is facing more than just the man that took her wolf, but her determination to be who she wants to be as she faces the battles on her own. In the first book, she was determined to find as many allies as possible and in this one she ends up fighting most of the battles on her own.

Her relationship with Ryoko is a typical one for two teenagers, they share loving scenes and fight scenes. I love them together.

Just like with LOL*, we need to start an “Afterlife Academy” club because I need someone to discuss my theories with and I already have so many – Tape makes the series addicting and there is nothing more that a reader wants and hates and that is to crave the next book. I hope you are on this journey with me because Tape makes it worth the wait.

Valkyrie 201 is due out in September 2019, I will be trying to snoop around the Academy in the meantime…(ssshhh don’t tell Arizona what I’m doing).

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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Books in “The Afterlife Academy” Series:

#5 Valkyrie 105

#6 Valkyrie 106 is set for release 10 August 2020

Meet the Author

Arizona Tape    

Phoebe’s Note: Did anyone catch what the guide in Forest of Illusions said to Ylva many times: “Remember, everything is an illusion,” that has stuck in my head and made me think this better not be a when Bobby wakes up dream. Just saying Arizona you have to show up at a conference sometime (laugh).

*LOL = League of Lesbians another great series made up of lesbian superheroes – Seriously!

Further Details:
Publisher: Vampari Press, B07R6C3KBQ, 1 July 2019
Cover Design: Vampari Designs
Pages: 246
Settings: The Afterlife Academy & The Enchanted Forest
Sex: N/A

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Editor’s Note: previously published on PRW on 17 July 2019. Edited with updated content & PR standard formatting on 5 May 2020.


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