Review: Save Her Heart #2

Science Fiction

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An outlaw and a space ranger join forces on a secret mission to save the President.

Sal, Nat, and Catherine are back!

After six months of exile, Salishan Bransen wonders what the future holds for her until a sexy blonde walks into her life. Before she knows it, Sal is mixed up in a Space Ranger mission to rescue a hostage. Only nothing goes right and once again, Sal is on the run.

Working as a trainer at the Space Ranger academy, Captain Nat Reynolds is living a simple life with her love, Catherine Porter. When a mysterious distress call from Sal comes through, Nat must decide if she will risk everything and take on a new adventure to save her.

Former Space Ranger and Space Pirate Salishan Bransen has been keeping a low profile until a gorgeous lady walks into a bar (sound like a familiar tale?). Sal falls for the bait and before she knows it, she is being offered a deal by the Space Rangers to rescue the kidnapped President with none other than the gorgeous lady herself, Space Ranger Jade Hamilton.

Immediately everything starts to go wrong on this secret mission and Sal and Jade find themselves in one predicament after another. If they are not fighting for their lives then they are fighting the sexual attraction between them which is on a constant burn.

Sal had an itchy feeling though and just before everything turned to shit she sent out a beacon to Catwoman and her gal Catherine – will they answer and if they do will they be able to rescue Sal and Jade in time?

This was such a fun read and I actually put this book ahead of my other “must” reads for the week because it is a KC Luck book and it is the sequel to a book a just reviewed and here we have Save Her Heart (KC Luck Media, 2019).

I have to admit I was looking forward to who Luck would write to partner up with Sal as I fell in love with her character in Rescue Her Heart. Jade Hamilton is a strong-willed character and is nothing like Catherine who Sal fell a little in love with in Rescue. I do not want to give away Sal and Jade’s story so I will say that I was really happy with how everything turned out.

Luck keeps the action moving in the story and to say the surprises kept coming is an understatement. I kept expecting one thing and Luck threw something else at me. I loved it!

It was great being with Nat and Catherine again and watching how their relationship has grown and changed and how it changed again during the story. I love Nat and Sal’s relationship. Let’s just say that I love the trio together and they really work and I cannot wait to go on further adventures with them (hint, hint Ms. Luck).

I am so glad I put this book to the head of my reading list and you should too. Save Her Heart is a must read.

Rating: 5 out of 5.




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K.C. Luck

Army veteran KC Luck is a freelance technical writer living in the Pacific Northwest with her beautiful wife, their two little dogs, and four rambunctious cats. Although she had contemplated writing fiction for decades, it was not until a bet with her wife that she finally sat down and did it. Rescue Her Heart is her debut romance novel and hopefully more action adventure stories with strong female leads in loving lesbian relationships will follow.4

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Further Details:
Pages: 260
Narrator: P.J. Morgan
Sex: N/A

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