Review: Rogue Hunt by L.L. Raand

An alpha comes asking for help when her captain disrupts the negotiations by trying to mate the other pack’s captain.

Sex is on the mind of multiple people in L.L. Raand’s Rogue Hunt. I will not say much as this is a novella and most of the action that takes place in this story revolves around the couples and whether they will or will not have sex.

Alpha Sylvan Mir makes up for lost time with her mate while dealing with council and deciding whether to help Snow Crest Alpha Zora Constantine. In the meantime, both of their captains cannot keep away from each other as their attraction builds with each contact.

There is also the attraction between Alpha Zora and a trainer for the Weres. Then there is question as to what exactly will everyone be fighting if they decide to form an alliance with the Snow Crest as even their Alpha cannot accurately describe the danger that awaits them.

Let me just say that the sex is quick (laugh), maybe because it is a novella but these shifters do not require much in foreplay nor in actual action. I did like the chemistry between Ash and Jace, but I think I would have like more communication but once again this is a novella so it is just a bridge to another book.

I enjoyed this quick glimpse into the “Midnight Hunters” series and I have to say it makes curious to read some of the other novels. Stay tuned as one is bound to appear here soon!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Series: Midnight Hunters #7


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